The Office of Academic Records is committed to serving you, our students, and providing timely responses to your academic needs and questions. In addition to maintaining academic records for every student, we provide advising services to help you determine and plan the direction of your educational program. We are committed to blessing others by providing timely, efficient, and Christ-centered service to all future and current students, as well as alumni, faculty, and the institute as a whole.

    The Office of Academic Records will also be important after you graduate, as they distribute official Moody transcripts upon your written request. If you would like to request an additional diploma, they can distribute a diploma upon your written request.

    How do I enroll?

    In order to enroll, students must first apply to one of our programs. Once matriculated into one of our programs, students can log in to the myMoody portal and follow the registration instructions to enroll into courses. If you would like more information or assistance in registration, call us at (312) 329-2087 or e-mail us at academicrecords@moody.edu

    Graduation, course drops/withdrawals and academic monitoring are other functions that either originate or take place in Academic Records.

    Office Staff

    Registrar and Director of Academic Records
    George Mosher academic.records@moody.edu

    Associate Registrars
    Troy Dueck (MDL) troy.m.dueck@moody.edu
    Kathy Hills (Spokane) kathy.hills@moody.edu
    Bethanne Tremper bethanne.tremper@moody.edu
    Tyrome Turner tyrome.turner@moody.edu

    Advising Staff
    Julie Bialas      academic.records@moody.edu
    Elise Champanhet      elise.champanhet@moody.edu
    Julianne VanPeursem julianne.vanpeursem@moody.edu

    Registration and Records Assistants
    Auctavia Cegers auctavia.cegers@moody.edu
    David Thompson david.thompson1@moody.edu