The Applied Linguistics major, designed in cooperation with the Summer Institute of Linguistics, exists to train people to engage in collaborative work with speakers of minority languages—usually languages with little or no written tradition—to develop written materials in and about those languages and to promote mother-tongue literacy. 

    The courses deal with general principles basic to all languages and cultures and are illustrated by material from Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania and the Americas.

    Student Learning Outcomes

    Students completing the Bachelor of Arts in Applied Linguistics program will be able to:

    • Distinguish, reproduce and transcribe the sounds of any language of the world.
    • Perform a preliminary analysis of the phonological system of any language.
    • Perform a preliminary analysis of the syntactic and morphological systems of any language of the world.
    • Begin learning to speak any previously unknown language fluently, even where no formal programs or materials exist.

    Future Ministry Opportunities

    Literacy specialist, language survey worker, foreign missionary, home missionary, TESOL instructor, relief worker, Christian organization employee, chaplain, church staff, church planter and international Christian school staff.