The total cost of a semester of study at Moody Bible Institute includes room and board, key deposit, student activity fee, Ventra U-Pass, facilities fee, technology fee, medical insurance, books and supplies, personal expenses and fees for some courses and majors. 

    The first six of these, required of all students in residence, total approximately $5,800–$6,800 per semester for students housed in a double occupancy room. The cost of books and supplies is estimated at $500 per semester, personal expenses may total $500-$700 per semester, depending on the student's needs and desires.

    Special fees for music, aviation and other subjects are listed on the corresponding program sections. Students may estimate their semester expenses by totaling all applicable fees listed course Web pages, plus personal items.

    A student can combine multiple types of aid, including Financial Aid, to pay these costs and fees.

    NOTE:  Financial aid awarded before the due date will be automatically be taken into consideration and show up as anticipated. If you are expecting financial aid to help cover your balance and it does not appear by the due date, you are still responsible to make your payments on time. 

    Balances are due paid in full August 1 for the Fall Semester, December 1 for the Spring Semester, and May 1 for Summer, unless student is enrolled in the Moody Payment Plan. A $25 late fee will be charged if the account balance is not received by Moody Bible Institute by the due date.

    Methods of Payment

    1.     Payments may be made online through your student portal by debit/credit card. (Visa or MasterCard only)

    2.     Payments by check or money order may be sent payable to:

                Moody Bible Institute
                Department #1018
                P.O. Box 6500
                Chicago, IL 60680-6500

    Please include student name and ID number on all checks and money orders


    Thanks to the generosity of Moody's partners, full-time undergraduate students at the Chicago campus receive a tuition-paid education, enabling them to graduate and begin ministry quickly without the burden of student loans.

    Tuition-Paid Model: How Does it Work?

    BI - Financial Aid - Chicago Tuition Paid1. Student is charged tuition, room and board and other costs and fees.

    2. Student completes process for receiving Federal Financial Aid.
    Aid is applied to tuition. The use of Federal Pell Grants allows Moody to use gifts from donors toward more students.

    3. MBI Grant covers remaining tuition.

    4. Student covers room and board and other costs and fees.

    How Does This Differ From Tuition-Free?

    A tuition-paid model is often confused with a tuition-free model, in which an institution does not charge tuition. Moody does charge tuition, but this tuition is covered by the process explained above.

    Course Fees

    In some courses, fees for materials or resources are required. These fees are not covered by the tuition-paid education. Please download the Academic Catalog for more information.

    Room and Board Fees

    Moody Bible Institute requests that all unmarried undergraduate students live on campus for the duration of their education at Moody. Moody makes this request for a number of reasons, including students' safety, community life and inner-city ministry opportunities. The semester room rates and meal plans are as follows:

    Room Rates/Meal Plans Per Semester
    Culbertson Hall, Dryer Hall, Houghton Hall, Smith Hall

    Double (per person)
    Triple (per person)

    Smith Hall Apartments



    Jenkins Hall
    Double (per person)
    Triple (per person)
    Meal Plans
    20 meals (per week)
    15 meals (per week)
    10 meals (per week - Jenkins Hall residents only)

    The number of single rooms for women is limited. No single rooms are available for men.

    A $350 matriculation deposit is required from accepted students in order to confirm enrollment plans. Registration and room reservation are not complete until the matriculation deposit has been paid.

    Rooms and apartments that continuing students do not reserve by May 1 will be made available to others.

    All rooms are furnished with beds, dressers, desks, closets, bookcases and other equipment necessary for the intended number of occupants. Students must supply their own linens, blankets, pillows and other accessories.

    During vacation periods, eligibility to live on campus is as follows: students of missionary parents who do not have a U.S. residence, international students, students working on or off campus, or married students who are already residing on campus. Students planning to stay in campus housing during the Christmas break must be returning to Moody for school the following semester.

    Other Fees

    A complete listing of fees can be found on the Chicago fee list

    Medical Insurance

    All Chicago campus residential students and international students (including spouses and children)  are required to be covered by a health insurance plan that provides for hospitalization and medical-surgical coverage in the event of sickness or accident for the entire time they are enrolled as a student. This includes breaks between semesters. 

    A student may choose to enroll in the Moody Bible Institute Student Health Insurance Plan or be covered by another insurance plan. If a student chooses another insurance plan, he or she must provide Moody with evidence that insurance coverage is in effect by submitting a completed Waiver of Insurance form and a copy of both sides of the current insurance card once each school year, prior to the fall semester (or the first semester of the school year during which the student is enrolled). 

    Commuter students are eligible to participate in the MBI Student Health Insurance plan provided that one or more of the following conditions apply:

    1. Full-time status
    2. Educational Ministries students completing their student teaching
    3. Graduating seniors in their final semester

    Enrollment and waiver forms can be found on my.moody.edu.

    All students are personally responsible for any health care expenses not covered by their insurance, (deductibles, co-payments, excluded items and services, etc). Students are responsible for knowing and following the procedures of their insurance company, including remaining current with any forms to be submitted, and for following the payment policy of the health care provider, office, clinic or hospital from which they receive services; this may mean that payment is required at the time of service.

    Listed below are the prices for student health insurance for the 2015–2016 academic year, for those students who do not have their own insurance and choose to enroll in the MBI plan. A separate handling fee of $20 per semester will be assessed to each student (if insurance is required or taken), regardless of the type of coverage. 

    Individual Plan(see dependent coverage below)
    Fall Semester 2015 $912
    Spring Semester 2016 $1,365

    Optional Dependent Coverage

    Available to any eligible student's dependent(s).

      Fall 2015 Spring 2016
    Student and Spouse* $2,873 $4,301
    Student and Family $3,909 $5,857
    Student and Child(ren) $1,948 $2,921

    * If both husband and wife are students, they may each enroll as single students in the Individual Plan.

    International Students

    International Students desiring to waive Moody's insurance plan must be covered by an insurance company based in the United States.

    For additional information about the Moody Student Health Insurance Plan, please visit www.cirstudenthealth.com/moody or contact the Student Health Insurance Coordinator at (312) 329-4367 or studenthealthinsurance@moody.edu.

    Moody Payment Plan

    The Moody Payment plan, administered by the Student Receivables Coordinator in the Student Accounts office in Moody Central, is an interest free alternative to a lump sum payment of the student bill. The plan is available to all campus students with the exception of international students attending their first semester.

    This plan allows the semester total to be split into five payments due the 1st of each month (see Payment Plan Details below). There is a minimum of $1,000 owed after any financial aid is applied to be eligible for the Moody Payment Plan.  


    Student Bill total for semester $6,000
    Payments per month $1,200
    ($6,000 divided by 5 months of payments)

    *Student fees or fines can be added throughout the semester. The student is responsible to monitor his or her account to make sure their monthly payment includes any of the added fees. 

    Enrollment and Activation

    The Payment Plan open enrollment dates are May 1 – June 30 for the Fall Semester and October 1 – November 30 for the Spring Semester. There is a non-refundable $50 enrollment fee per semester. Students may choose to participate in the plan for one or both semesters. Students who have enrolled in the Fall Semester, and have paid their Fall balance in full by November 1, will be automatically enrolled for the Spring Semester unless they opt out by November 30. Students must have a $0 balance from the prior semester to be eligible for the next semester. It is the student's responsibility to enroll in the payment plan each academic year.

    Payment Plan Details:

    Semester Enrollment Date Minimum per semester Payments due the 1st of each month
    Fall May 1 – June 30
    Fee: $50
    $1,000 July , August, September, October, November
    Spring Auto-Enroll Opt Out Deadline: November 30
    Spring October 1 – November 30
    Fee: $50
    $1,000 December, January, February, March, April
    Other Fees *Late Payment Plan form :$10   Late Monthly Payment: $25   Returned ACH/Check Fee: $25

    *Enrollment forms submitted after the above dates will be charged an additional $10 late fee.
    New students coming for the first time may matriculate after the payment plan enrollment date. Those students may still enroll in the payment plan without incurring a late fee. 

    For additional information about the Moody Payment Plan, please log in to your my.moody.edu student portal (current students), click on the Students tab, scroll to "Moody Central," select "Student Accounts," "Moody Payment Plan Enrollment" or contact the Student Receivables Coordinator at studentpaymentplan@moody.edu or (312) 329-4223.


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