No matter where you are, you can pursue a Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies from Moody Bible Institute Distance Learning, known for excellence in biblical education. With this degree, you will:

    • spend more time studying God’s Word than any other book
    • be equipped to serve effectively in ministry or in the marketplace by developing biblical thinking, interpretation and application
    • flourish in a strong online community of peers while being mentored by professors

    Comprehensive Program Portfolio

    Moody will help you create a program portfolio encompassing your best work from every class you take. When you look for new ministry experiences or work, you will be able to showcase your personal ministry brand with a collection of written documents, videos, podcasts, photographs or other types of work.

    Potential Career Options

    You will be equipped to serve as a ministry leader, staff member, lay leader or volunteer, possessing the skills to think biblically about the issues facing a particular Christian ministry and bring value to your ministry team. Serve as a missionary, associate pastor or in other ministry capacities. You will also be prepared to pursue a Master of Divinity or other seminary degree options.

    Purpose and Outcomes

    Program Purpose

    The B.S.B.S. degree program is designed to help students apply the Scriptures within contemporary life and ministry while preparing them to build a strong portfolio of work that will demonstrate expertise and provide support for their unique strengths.  

    The B.S.B.S. is created for students who:

    • want to pursue academic goals and keep commitments to family, work and church
    • have a desire to be equipped to serve effectively in ministry or in the marketplace by developing biblical thinking, interpretation and application

    Student Learning Outcomes:

    At the completion of the B.S.B.S. you will be able to:

    • apply research methodologies to identified topics related to biblical studies 
    • communicate the message of the Scriptures to identified audiences
    • utilize historical geography and relevant ancient cultural contexts in the interpretation of the Old Testament and New Testament.
    • create action  plans to impact personal, familial or ecclesiastical life through the interpretation of Scripture
    • implement a strategy for enhancing your spiritual life

    Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies

    Click here for the B.S.B.S. Program Plan

    Program Core

    BI 1103      Reading the Old Testament 4
    BI 1104 Reading the New Testament 4
    BI 2201     Interpreting Scripture 3
    BI 2260 Historical Geography of Ancient Israel 3
    BI 3301 Ancient Near Eastern Backgrounds and the Old Testament 3
    BI 3302 Second Temple Jewish Backgrounds 3
    BI 4402 Teaching the Scriptures 4
    BI 4404 Applying Scripture in the Contemporary World 3
    BI 4405 Interpreting Isaiah for Teaching 3
    BI 4406 Interpreting Romans for Teaching 3
    GSU 1107 Foundations of Learning 3
    GSU 1115      The Story and Structure of the Bible 3
    GSU 2203 Self and Social Identity in Christianity 4
    TH 1105 The Old Testament and Theology 3
    TH 1106 The New Testament and Theology 3
    TH 1110 The Church and Its Doctrines 3
    TH 3302 Method for Biblical Theology 3


    General Studies Requirements

    General Studies Core  
    GSU 1110 College Writing 3
    GSU 1112 Research Writing 3
    GSU 2202 Introduction to Critical Thinking 3
    Academic Disciplines  
    Click here for the Academic Discplines Approved Course List  
    Critical Thinking and Math 6
    Oral and Written Communication 3
    Social and Behavioral Sciences 9
    Humanities 12
    Open Electives 27


    Total Credits