Continuing Education Units (CEU) are courses taken strictly for personal enrichment. CEU courses do not meet any college credit requirements. CEU courses are:

    • Developed by Moody-approved instructors and theologians
    • Retain integrity in communicating biblical truths 
    • Enable students to grow deeper in these truths through systematic curriculum

    Tuition is $49 per Continuing Education Unit (CEU) for traditional classes. Students have the opportunity to earn certificates in up to six fields of interest.


    Students have the option of completing as many Continuing Education Units as they would like. Courses in Continuing Education are designed for personal enrichment and to enhance biblical knowledge for personal and ministry growth.

    Moody Distance Learning offers four specially-designed series. Students must complete 10 specific courses to earn a series certificate. The series certificate is free at the completion of the series. These 10 courses are ideal if you want to gain proficiency in a specific area. When you complete your studies in any one course, you have the option to receive a certificate of completion. The course certificate cost is $5. For more information, please call (800) 758-6352.

    Keep in mind that these series are for personal enrichment only; they cannot be used toward any college-credit programs. The tuition price per series is $367.50, a 25% savings over ordering each course separately.

    To see a typical sample of CEU personal enrichment classes, please click on the links below.

    1 Samuel
    Survey of the Old Testament

    CEU Biblical Studies Series

    10 CEUs

    BI 0001 Survey of the Old Testament I
    BI 0002 Survey of the Old Testament II
    BI 0005 Survey of the New Testament
    BI 0091 Bible Prophecy
    BI 0099 How to Understand the Bible
    TH 0004 The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
    TH 0012 Basic Christian Doctrine
    BI 0070  James

    Plus: Two elective courses, your choice from the list of electives.
    May only be used towards one series.


    New Testament Studies Series

    10 CEUs

    BI 0051 Matthew
    BI 0054 John
    BI 0055 Acts
    BI 0056 Romans
    BI 0064 Ephesians
    BI 0069 Hebrews
    BI 0077 Revelation
    BI 0090 Life of Christ

    Plus: Two elective courses, your choice from the list of electives.
    May only be used towards one series.


    Old Testament Study Series

    10 CEUs

    BI 0011 Genesis
    BI 0012 Exodus
    BI 0017 Joshua
    BI 0018 Judges and Ruth
    BI 0029 Psalms
    BI 0030 Proverbs
    BI 0033 Isaiah
    BI 0037 Daniel

    Plus: Two elective courses, your choice from the list of electives.
    May only be used towards one series.


    Personal Ministry and Leadership Series

    10 CEUs

    ED 0001 Teaching with Results
    ED 0003
     Building Successful Sunday Schools
    ED 0031 Understanding Students
    EV 0002 Successful Soul-Winning
    EV 0006 The Cults Exposed
    TH 0009 A Holy Life and How to Live It
    TH 0016 First Steps in the Christian Faith
    TH 0017 God’s Will for Your Life

    Plus: Two elective courses, your choice from the list of electives.
    May only be used towards one series.


    CEU Series Electives

    10 CEUs

    BI 0009 Micah
    BI 0014 1 Samuel
    BI 0016 2 Samuel
    BI 0022 1 Kings
    BI 0023 2 Kings
    BI 0057 1 Corinthians
    BI 0062 Galatians
    BI 0072 1 & 2 Peter
    ED 0036 How to Manage Your Money
    MI 0001 The Biblical Basis of Missions
    PS 0030 Memorize the Word
    TH 0018 The Good News


    Scofield Certificates

    A total of 30 continuing education units (CEUs) are required for the Scofield Bible Studies Certificate based on the following:

    Bible and Theology

    Scofield Old Testament BI 0008 9 CEUs $200
    Scofield New Testament BI 0098 9 CEUs $200
    Scofield Bible Doctrine TH 0097 9 CEUs $200
    Successful Soul-Winning EV 0002 1 CEU $49
    The Biblical Basis of Missions MI 0001 1 CEU $49
    Teaching with Results ED 0001 1 CEU $49
      Total 30 CEUs $747

    These courses provide a comprehensive, systematic and trustworthy way to study the entire Bible and key doctrines. Using the textbooks as a guide to study, you will be expected to apply yourself to diligently investigate what the Bible teaches. Because this is a research-type course many of the answers to the exam questions will not be found in the textbooks but will be the result of your own Bible study. The goals of the Scofield curriculum are:

    1. To acquaint you with basic divisions and themes of the Bible. 
    2. To enable you to see each book in its historical setting and to grasp its message.
    3. To guide you in an extended study of a number of the great doctrinal words and topics of Scriptures.

    The Scofield curriculum is for your personal enrichment, although it is more in-depth than a typical CEU course. Because you receive CEU credit for the Scofield curriculum, it cannot be used to fulfill course requirements for any college degree program.

    To see a sample of a Scofield course, please click here.

    To see a sample of Teaching with Results, please click here.

    Exams and Papers

    There are no papers required. The exams consist of true/false, multiple-choice, short answer and matching questions. No proctor is necessary.


    You will receive a certificate after you complete each of the Scofield courses. If you complete all three courses plus the three specified CEU courses listed above, you will receive the Scofield Bible Studies Certificate. When you complete your studies you have the option to receive a certificate of completion. 

    Call 800-758-6352 for more information.

    Time Limits

    Scofield course: 18 months
    Scofield Complete: 48 months
    Scofield Plus Three: 48 months

    Scofield Complete includes all three of the courses in the individual Scofield curriculum (Old Testament, New Testament and Bible Doctrine). The tuition cost for this 27-CEU package would be $600 if you enrolled in each course individually, but by enrolling in the series you save $60, for a total cost of $540. Students have 48 months to complete all three courses when ordered as a package.

    Scofield Plus Three This 30-CEU package includes the three Scofield courses plus the three CEUs (Successful Soul-Winning, The Biblical Basis of Missions, Teaching with Results) needed to round out the Scofield Bible Studies Certificate. The tuition cost of enrolling in these courses individually would be $747; with the Scofield Plus Three package, you save $162, for a total cost of $585. Students have 48 months to complete Scofield Plus Three when ordered as a package.


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