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    "One: 'So That the World May Know'" from John 17:20-25.

    How Weaving is Like the Church

    Weaving is one of the only art forms that is indigenous to every culture. It is labor intensive and uses many colors and textures. It also looks messy and chaotic, at times.

    The unity of the church is a missional apologetic. Like weaving, the unity of the church requires strenuous effort. It doesn't happen by default. 

    But it is the way the gospel will be pictured to the world. Which is why Jesus prayed so passionately in the Garden of Gethsemane for the unity of the global, universal, future ecclesia.

    May God grant us this week a new passion for the unity of His church.

    — Clive Craigen, Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies

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