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    Moody Distance Learning offers two graduate-level programs.

    Master of Arts

    Master of Arts in Applied Biblical Studies (36 credit hours)
    The Master of Arts in Applied Biblical Studies (M.A.A.B.S.) is a fully-online master's degree designed for those seeking to enhance their ability to interpret the Old and New Testaments and the world around them. This degree is specifically designed for part-time students.

    Graduate Certificates

    Graduate Certificate of Biblical Studies (30 credit hours)
    The Graduate Certificate of Biblical Studies is designed for individuals seeking to establish a basic foundation in Bible and theology. All students in good standing have the option of applying the coursework done for the Certificate toward other master's degree programs.


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  • IC - Open Quote"For students with families and jobs, or individuals rooted in a different city, Moody's distance learning options allow people to continue their education and interact with other students who are doing the same."
    — Amy, Waterville, Ohio
    M.A. Class of 2011
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