Kevin Zuber

Title: Professor of Theology
Department: Theology
Location: Chicago
School/Area: Undergraduate
Position: Teaching
Start Date: July 2001

Personal Information:

Dr. Kevin Zuber has over 20 years of pastoral ministry as senior pastor in local churches in Indiana, Iowa and Arizona.

Educational Background:

BA, Grace College (Outstanding Student in Philosophy and Religion 1977)
MDiv, Grace Theological Seminary (Magna Cum Laude)
ThM, Grace Theological Seminary (Thesis: The Theology of the Book of Ruth)
PhD, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Dissertation: What is Illumination: Seeking A Biblically Grounded Definition)
DMin studies, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


  • “The Baptism of the Spirit,” The Conservative Journal of Theology 10, 29. (May/June 2006)
  • “The Coming Generation: Why I am Encouraged,” Voice: An Independent Journal. (September/October 2004)
  • “Exposing Barbara R. Rossing’s The Rapture Exposed and a Problem or Two with Ben Witherington’s The Problem with Evangelical Theology.Journal of Dispensational Theology. 10, 31. (December 2006)
  • “Metaphor & the Rapture.” Dispensationalism Tomorrow & Beyond: a theological collection in honor of Charles C. Ryrie.  ed. Christopher Cone.  Ft. Worth, TX: Tyndale Seminary Press. (2008). 343-358
  • “Proclaiming Jesus Through Intellectual Defense: A Response to Both Modernism and Postmodernism,” In Proclaiming Jesus,” ed. Thomas H. L. Cornman. Chicago: Moody. (2007)
  • “Risen and Coming King: The Bodily Resurrection and Physical Return of Jesus Christ.” In Foundational Faith. ed. John Koessler. Chicago: Moody Publishers. (2003)
  • “Why Article 13 is Still Important to the IFCA,” Voice: An Independent Journal. (September/October 2006)

Professional/Personal Interests:

Zuber is a member of the Evangelical Theological Society and the Independent Fundamental Churches of America (IFCA). He is a teaching elder/pastor of Grace Bible Church Northwest.

Zuber likes to watch and attend baseball (but not the White Sox) and NASCAR (especially Hendrick Motor Sports #24 and #48). He also likes opera and classical music (especially eighteenth century) and reading about the Civil War, science (especially about string theory), postmodern philosophy (Derrida, Rorty), history (such as history of the Vikings) and more (such as Paradise Lost, Milton).


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