Each semester, every undergraduate student at Moody Bible Institute puts classroom knowledge into practice through assigned Practical Christian Ministries (PCM). We believe that ministry skills are most effectively developed through experience. PCMs offer structured field experience with supervised training in skill and attitude development at local churches, parachurch ministries and social services agencies.

Students are able to select from a wide range of over 350 ministry opportunities that meet the diverse needs of community. Some of those ministry opportunities include: 

  • teaching
  • children’s church
  • music
  • discipleship
  • homeless shelters
  • campus evangelism
  • sports ministry
  • nursing homes
  • worship leading
  • drama
  • prison ministry
  • tutoring
  • counseling
  • pastoral assistance
  • youth ministry
  • and many others


The PCM Department assigns all students classified as freshmen and sophomores to a PCM to be completed on a weekly basis. 

Moody currently collaborates with around 300 different Christian and community service organizations to provide a broad spectrum of ministry opportunities. Variety is incorporated into Christian service experience during the student's initial four semesters of enrollment. 

Groups ranging in size from 5–20 students will be consigned to organizations equipped to facilitate ministry in the following four major categories: Service, Evangelism, Encouragement and Discipleship. These will be designated as S.E.E.D. ministries. 

Students must successfully complete PCMs in at least two of these four major categories during their first four semesters of undergraduate enrollment at Moody.


Students returning to Moody for their third and fourth years of enrollment are afforded the opportunity to take a more active role in the selection process of their PCM. 

Those classified as a junior or senior will have access to a database of eligible ministry opportunities designed specifically for Moody students who are firmly established in their academic degree program. 

Once a junior/senior has applied for a PCM listed on the ministry database, the student's academic advisor will be notified and the PCM Department will complete the approval process. This procedure is designed to ensure that the upperclassman is participating in a ministry that correlates appropriately with his or her degree program training, thus enhancing the field education experience. 

Students may also seek out opportunities with churches or organizations not included on the current semester's ministry database. Forms for this contingency are available in the PCM Department, and these requests will be subject to the approval process by the student's academic advisor as well as the PCM Department.

The PCM Department retains the responsibility of assigning those who neglect to apply, or re-assign students where circumstances interfere with the standard application process. Churches and agencies may ask for specific students for their respective ministries by providing a written request to the PCM Department prior to the start of the semester. Students may also take initiative to pursue ministry opportunities with specific churches or agencies after consultation with their faculty advisors.


Homeless shelters, rescue missions, teaching life skills, after-school programs, supervising recreational center activities

Open air gospel teams, street witnessing, prison outreach, campus events, church neighborhood campaigns, Child Evangelism Fellowship

Hospice care, retirement homes, special-needs patients and people groups, nursing centers, tutoring

Church youth programs, leading small groups, youth mentoring associations, kids' Bible clubs, AWANA, correctional centers.

The PCM Department reserves the right to assign all S.E.E.D. ministries for either one or two semesters. Transfer students must complete one category of S.E.E.D. ministry for every two semesters of previous college enrollment.


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