Association Beginnings

In early 1916, A. F. Gaylord (1891), Dr. H. W. Pope and Dr. P. B. Fitzwater (1898-99) each sent a letter to the executive committees of Moody Bible Institute suggesting the formation of an Alumni Association. The three men did so without the knowledge of the others' suggestions.

Soon after, Mr. Gaylord and Dr. Fitzwater visited a number of cities extending from the Atlantic to the Pacific to establish local fellowships. In 1919, E.E. White (1901) was employed as the first executive secretary of the association. In 1922, he was replaced by Charlotte A. Cary who visited alumni around the country and helped in the association's growth and development. Miss Cary and Dr. Fitzwater continued to visit various cities in the east, and later Dr. Fitzwater attended alumni gatherings in Springfield, St. Louis, Kansas City and Minneapolis.

The 1940s and '50s saw tremendous new developments by the Association as they continued to grow and thrive.


  • Herbert Lockyer, Jr. (1939) was hired as executive secretary of the Association


  • Alumni Advance program approved by MBI trustees. The three main points were: organizing local fellowships, disseminating information, and establishing an Alumni fund
  • In March 1949 the first edition of Moody Alumni News was distributed free of charge


  • Revised constitution written and approved
  • Board of directors elected
  • Christian Workers' Bureau became Alumni Placement Service
  • Joined American Alumni Council
  • Officers' Handbook published


  • Started weekly Alumni Broadcast on WMBI
  • Started Winona Lake Conference and Homecoming
  • Total of 30 organized fellowships


  • Started Institute and Alumni Section in Moody Monthly


  • Format of Alumni News changed to pocket-size
  • Alumni undertook sponsorship of Moody Week at Winona Lake
  • 63 local rallies held during the year
  • Alumni visited in Mexico and Carribbean

Although the constitution, by-law, and purpose statement of the Association have been revised over the years, serving Moody Bible Institute and bringing together Moody Alumni for fellowship still remain its top priorities.


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