Through the Faculty Citation Award, the Alumni Association annually recognizes a faculty member for outstanding achievement in his or her field. This is based on attitude, writing achievements, public ministry, effectiveness in the classroom and involvement with students.



2017 Dr. Gregg Quiggle
2016 Dr. Cynthia Uitermarkt
2015 Dr. David Fetzer
2014 Mr. Ronald Denison
2013 Dr. John Koessler
2012 Ms. Karyn Hecht
2011 Dr. Bob MacRae '75
2010 Mr. James Conrad '98
2009 Dr. Elizabeth Lightbody '63 
2008 Dr. Edwin Childs 
2007 Dr. Winfred O. Neely 
2006 Dr. William Thrasher 
2005 Mr. Charles Thompson, B.A. '68 
2004 Dr. Ronald Sauer 
2003 Dr. Louis Barbieri 
2002 Dr. Marta Alvarado 
2001 Mr. David R. Brackley '74 
2000 Dr. William A. Marty 
1999 Dr. Wayne A. Widder 
1998 Dr. Elizabeth (Faul '72) Naegele 
1997 Dr. Marvin E. Mayer 
1996 Dr. John H. Walton 
1995 Mr. Raymond E. Badgero '66 
1994 Dr. Paul Benware 
1993 Mr. Reid B. Berry '59 
1992 Dr. Edgar James 
1991 Dr. Rosalie de Rosset '77-'80 
1990 Mr. David Smart '48 
1989 Dr. Charles Christensen '47-'49, S.S. '73 
1988 Dr. Doris Freese 
1987 Mr. Gerald Edmonds '57 
1986 Mr. J. Omar Brubaker '50 
1985 Dr. Harold Foos 
1984 Mr. Donald Wise '44 
1983 Dr. Robert Clark 
1982 Dr. Paul Nevin 
1981 Mr. Robert Carbaugh 
1980 Miss Rosemary Turner '44 and '45 
1979 Dr. Paul Haik 
1978 Mr. Ronald Royce '63, B.S.M.T. '69 
1977 Dr. Louis Goldberg, E.S. '48-'49 
1976 Dr. C. Fred Dickason '54 
1975 Dr. G. Coleman Luck 
1974 Dr. Howard Whaley '59 
1973 Mr. Glen Arnold (first recipient)


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Award Presentation

  • Founder's Week 2017 Faculty Citation - Dr. Gregg Quiggle

    A short feature on Gregg Quiggle, this year's recipient of the Faculty Citation Award given during the 2017 Moody Founder's Week conference.

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