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New Growth Through Podcasts

Growth Through Podcasts

Moody Radio's The Grandfather Effect, Becoming Well connecting more people to Christ through new platform
  • November 2, 2022

Using a unique storytelling format, The Grandfather Effect became Moody Radio's most listened-to podcast ever during its 2022 series run.

by Jeff Smith

Moody Radio’s entry into podcasting continues to open new doors through life-changing biblical content. In spring 2022, The Grandfather Effect became the fastest-growing podcast in Moody Radio history. Told in a fresh storytelling format, the seven-episode series followed host and creator Brian Dahlen’s family and their emotional road from relational brokenness to reconciliation.

Episodes of The Grandfather Effect were downloaded 70,000 times in 90 countries in just eight weeks, ranking the podcast as high as 21st among podcasts on Spotify, one of the world’s leading audio streaming services. The program also attracted a largely first-time audience to Moody Radio; 86 percent of its unique listeners were new to our on-demand programming.

“I hope this podcast has drawn listeners closer to Jesus and helps stop unhealthy cycles of generational sin in families,” Brian Dahlen said.

A podcast offering a Christian perspective on mental health, Becoming Well reached more listeners than ever in its third season with Moody Radio. Hosted by Moody professors and clinically trained counselors Dr. Deb Gorton and Dr. Mary Hendrickson, the podcast saw a record 30,000 downloads of its episodes.