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Unlikely Friendship

The Odd couple

Pastor and country singer have written a compelling new Moody Publishers book on friendship evangelism
  • September 21, 2022

Walker and Cooper discuss their new book

Country singer Walker Hayes (left) and Pastor Craig Cooper (right) have written a powerful and funny new book on sharing Christ through the gift of friendship that is based on the story of the friendship that grew between them.

by Jeff Smith

Craig Cooper and Walker Hayes were about as diametrically opposite as two men could be. Craig was a pastor in Franklin, Tennessee, and Walker was an atheist struggling with alcoholism and a failing country music career.

They forged an unlikely friendship through their kids’ athletic involvement. By demonstrating God’s love, Craig shattered Walker’s misconceptions of Christianity. Walker eventually surrendered his life to Christ, and the two men grew so close that their families became next-door neighbors. They even tore down the fence separating their backyards, symbolizing the gospel’s power to remove barriers and unite us in Christ.

Last year Craig and Walker collaborated to write a book, Glad You're Here, based on their relationship. Released by Moody Publishers, Glad You’re Here has already sold over 60,000 copies and led to interviews with national media outlets in its first few months of publication. The book reveals how the gospel can transform people through the gift of friendship and how God can equip us to be His witnesses in a broken world.

“My greatest desire is that Jesus would be exalted through this story we’ve told,” Craig Cooper said. “May this book be used by God as a catalyst for revival in the souls of believers and unbelievers alike all over the world. I’m praying that it strengthens the church and advances the gospel for the glory of Jesus Christ!”

For more details on Glad You’re Here or to purchase the book, visit the Moody Publishers website.