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Gene Getz Honored in Texas State Legislature

Gene Getz Honored in Texas State Legislature

  • June 9, 2021

The Texas House of Representatives honored Dr. Gene Getz ’52, describing him as “a professor for Dallas Theological Seminary and Moody Bible Institute and a pastor for many decades in the Dallas area and really, in some sense, all around the country and world.” A resolution was previously adopted to honor Getz for making a “positive and lasting difference in his community of faith during his longtime service in the ministry.”

Getz, 89, the founder of the Center for Church Renewal and the Fellowship Bible Church movement, responded by giving each representative a personalized copy of his Life Essentials Study Bible.

Before opening the 87th session with prayer, Texas Representative Phil King recognized Getz for his ministry service, as well as his creation of the Life Essentials Study Bible, the only Bible with scannable QR codes that link to faith-based visual content correlating with the Scripture. “It’s really a study Bible for the digital age,” said King, who received the study Bible as a birthday gift from his wife in February 2020. The Bible includes 1,500 video teachings on highlighted life principles. “I’ve been doing them pretty much every morning for the last year and a half, and it’s really made an impact in my life for the Lord, for Christ,” King told the House.

Getz wasn’t able to attend the legislative session in person because he is recovering from COVID-19 after hospitalization and rehabilitation, but representatives were there to pass out the Bibles.

When some senators saw the Bibles that the House received, they wanted them too. Now Getz’s staff is working to present 31 copies to the entire Texas Senate!

Getz has helped thousands of individuals worldwide transform their faith by developing a greater understanding of the Bible. “My prayer is that this Bible continues to impact the lives of others and be a resource that helps foster that personal relationship with God,” he said recently.

Watch the Session (start at 22:00).