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Student Stories LP


‘I Couldn’t Be More Grateful for Moody!’

How God uses your support to prepare students to Make Hope Known

I have learned so much about God and His people…

“During the past four years I have learned so much about God and His people and have grown in my desire to know Him and spend my one life in His service! I still have so much room to grow, but I trust Him to finish the work He started in me!”

– Myah L.
Applied Linguistics

God has been incredible to me at Moody…

“God has been incredible to me at Moody this semester. He has provided so many new experiences for me and I have loved every minute of exploring them. I believe that God wants me at Moody every day I wake up, and I love every second of being on campus.”

– Amanda E.
Youth Ministry

I'm fully equipped for ministry and what the Lord has prepared for me…

“I've been at Moody Bible Institute for four years, and I've learned and grown so much from my classes, professors, and classmates. I'm sad to leave Moody, but I know I'm fully equipped for ministry and what the Lord has prepared for me in the future.”

– Abigail G.
Biblical Studies

The most formative experience in my walk with the Lord…

“Getting an education at Moody has easily been the most formative experience in my walk with the Lord. To be surrounded by Godly professors and classmates, getting hands-on ministry experience, and deep study of the Bible are just a few of the opportunities God has provided as He shapes me to serve Him well.”

– Gail R.
Biblical Studies

Moody has deepened my passion and desire to know and love God…

“I have been so blessed to be able to be the recipient of an education in the Word of God—a field of study that will never grow old or expire with time. This education has equipped me with a deeper understanding of the gospel holistically and has only deepened my passion and desire to know and love the Lord.”

– Masada C.
Children and Family Ministries

Moody fosters a place of community that I have come to call home…

“I have seen God work in many ways during my time here at Moody. Moody fosters a place of community that I have come to call home because while it may not be the place where I was raised I have found a second family and a second home with the people at Moody who I have done life with daily for the past three years.”

– Abbigail P.
Human Services

God is teaching my class to love and support each other…

“I’m only in my first year at Moody, and my class consists of about 50 people. God is teaching us to love each other and to support each other in all situations and under all circumstances. It is amazing to me to see how a group of such vastly different individuals can love and care for each other.”

– Nathan H.
Aviation Technology/Flight

I’ll forever be grateful for God’s work through your giving…

“The Lord has blown me away with the riches of learning, being trained in wisdom and love, and being transformed into the person God wants me to be. He’s used EVERYTHING big and small to build me up in Him and root me and others in Jesus Christ. I’ll forever be grateful for God’s work through you and your partnership in the gospel!”

– Kathryn Y.

I couldn’t be more grateful for Moody!

“During my time at Moody, God has both planted and developed my desire to contribute to the Bible translation process. My inclination toward unreached people groups began before Moody, but through my courses I am being equipped to put this passion into action. With a major in Biblical Languages, I will be able to help spread the gospel to those who have never heard it before. I couldn’t be more grateful for Moody!”

– Chloe H.
Biblical Languages

This has been some of the most influential years of my life …

“So far at Moody Bible Institute I’ve been blessed with numerous God-fearing and loving friends! This has been some of the most influential years of my life because of the great professors at Moody who have pushed me to grow in my relationship with Christ! The community I have built I know will be relationships that I will have for a lifetime.”

– Martin R.
Youth Ministry

Thank you for supporting my education at Moody…

“Thank you for supporting my education at Moody. God is equipping and sanctifying me not just to serve Him but to equip others to serve Him. I am so blessed that God is working in me—humbling me, teaching me, growing me, and training me in righteousness—and I am confident my education and experience at Moody is one of the biggest tools He is using to do it.”

– Seth P.
Biblical Preaching

God is actively working and shaping me here at Moody…

“I have found that, since coming to Moody, my personal time in Scripture has just come alive with meaning and understanding. I have a greater heart for the Lord and His Word than I have ever before. Additionally, my relationships have been so rich with gospel-led love and truth for one another. God is actively working and shaping me here at Moody.”

– Sidney R.
Pastoral Studies

I love the rigorous study and solid community here…

“I have seen the Lord at work in my time at Moody through the rigorous study and solid community. I had been craving a deep study of the Word of God and my professors at Moody have been His tool to do that in my life! I am challenged and encouraged in my classes and I know God better because of it. My friends here and my floor community are also such blessings where I see the comfort and joy of the Lord.”

– Anna G.
Biblical Studies

I am sincerely thankful for donors who have given out of God's grace…

“During my time at Moody I have grown to see that God is so beautiful. Not only has my knowledge been deepened, but being in Chicago and at my church, my faith and walk with God has been challenged and grown in various ways. I am deeply grateful for the privilege it is to study at Moody in Chicago and am sincerely thankful for donors who have given out of God's grace to provide for my education.”

– Garrett H.
Applied Linguistics

Thank you for providing the opportunity to study and live at Moody!

“I’ve seen God at work in many ways in my time at Moody. My love for God and relationship with Him has been nurtured and grown here, in community and in personal devotion. Through the wonderful people I’ve met, the classes I’ve attended, and the discipline required to build a daily routine, I’ve been able to really ‘grow up’ here. Thank you so much for providing the opportunity to study and live at Moody!”

– Kirby Z.
Pastoral Studies

Grateful for Moody's dedication to the truth of Scripture…

“I have seen God changing people's outlook on the church and its mission, giving them a hope and an anchor in these difficult times. Moody's dedication to the truth of Scripture and its compassionate presentation to a lost and hurting world is providing new hope to its students that a way exists to reach those who seem impossibly mired in the modern rejection of the Holy Spirit's influence.”

– James Y.
Master of Divinity in Pastoral Studies

Moody continues to motivate me and train me thoroughly. Thank you!

“Going through the Moody process changed my life. Jesus helped me change into a loyal person to small things because I gave up my habit of taking only lazy and convenient items, and my passion for learning was multiplying every day. I am working in an American church, and after graduation, I will be ordained as a pastor and go to graduate school. Moody continues to motivate me and train me thoroughly. Thank you!”

– Daniel P.
Leadership Ministry

I have learned to grow closer to God through His Word…

“At Moody I have learned to grow closer to God through His Word. God has continued to open doors for me serve in His vineyard in various capacities. By His grace I have been given the opportunity to serve in prison ministry. As we minister to the inmates, the Holy Spirit continues to transform lives as many of the inmates give their lives to Christ. What a marvelous, loving, and merciful God we have. His steadfast love is from everlasting to everlasting. Praise His Holy Name.”

– Chidebem N.
Pastoral Ministry

God has opened amazing doors for me to study at Moody…

"As an international student from Ecuador, God has opened amazing doors for me to study at Moody. My family has seen His continuous provision and care. God has given me a heart for orphan children. When I graduate from Moody I want to serve these children and show them how much their heavenly Father loves them, even in the midst of their pain and suffering. I am so blessed to be at Moody receiving all the preparation needed for that beautiful ministry.”

– Kharis S.
Children and Family Ministry

God is at work at Moody Aviation…

“God is and has been at work in my life and at Moody's mission aviation school. God brought me through the maintenance training part of the program, and I have recently started my flight training. I have loved the intentionality and fellowship with the community here. The flight training here is really intense, but God has already been providing for me. I am thrilled that I have the rest of my life to understand more and more of the wondrous mystery of God's incredible love for me and for the whole world.”

– Collin R.
Mission Aviation Technology

I have been very blessed by community in my time at Moody…

“I came to Moody after serving in ministry for five years and was burned out from doing more than I should and not relying on those around me. When I first arrived at Moody I didn’t think I would stay. But I was welcomed, encouraged, and challenged by my fellow students and professors in such a way that I grew from dreading coming to Chicago to being excited to return. God has shown me what genuine love and community looks like here, and I am excited to continue to live that out.”

– Megan D.
Human Services

Moody has challenged me to grow spiritually, academically, socially…

“My time at Moody has challenged me to grow spiritually, academically, and socially. The course content is solid, and the lecturers are knowledgeable and available. In addition, as an international student I appreciate Moody’s drive for cultural inclusivity. My time here so far has encouraged me to become a competent multicultural counselor, impacting those who have different worldviews with my training and love of God.”

– Shelly C.
Clinical Mental Health Counseling

The Lord has used Moody in so many ways…

“There are many things the Lord has begun to grow me in since the beginning of my time at Moody. The most prominent thing has certainly been the humility He is producing within me through my interactions both with the source material and the students on campus. I have been thoroughly reminded of the sufficiency of Christ’s grace and His grace alone as I have begun to discern what God might have for me in my time at school. The Lord has used Moody in so many ways it will never even know.”

– Connor K.
Pastoral Studies

Thank you so much for investing in me…

"Being able to come to Moody was by God's provision alone. I have been at Moody for the last two years, and God has been forming me as a clay pot in His hands. I'm so thankful for the professors who have been intentional to me. My one-on-one meetings with them impact me because of their care and wisdom. The academic expectations are challenging, but I am so thankful to take on that challenge with the Lord as my foundation. Thank you so much for investing in me so I can have this opportunity for God to prepare me for whatever His purpose is in the future!”

– Hannah M.

At Moody I have seen the Spirit moving and molding me…

“At Moody I have seen the Spirit moving and molding me into the man that God intends me to be. I have a new fresh heart for God and the things of Him; I cannot even explain the radical change in my life from a sinner who loved sin to what I am now—deeply wounded and troubled by my sin and quick to repent when I fall every day. I have also found a new love for the gospel and want all to hear it. I have been evangelizing on Fridays with our Doxa group, which has profoundly impacted my life. I love it at this school; it is more significant than I had imagined it would be.”

– Vincent B.
Youth Ministry

Everything I am learning is applicable to my personal ministry…

“It has been a great blessing ever since I enrolled at Moody Bible Institute. God is allowing me to meet great professors and fellow classmates from different cultural backgrounds. It is beautiful understanding how others from a different culture than yours appreciate the ministry. I am learning to see ministry from a broader perspective and treat everyone I encounter with the love of God. Everything I am learning here is practical and applicable to my personal ministry. God is shaping me for effective youth and children's ministry. God bless all who are supporting us in this journey.”

– Ellis E.
Ministry Leadership/Divinity

Humbled by financial support and faithful prayers of Moody donors…

“The Lord brought me into such a deeper love and understanding of His character throughout my time at Moody. Through interactions with friends and professors, I have seen the beauty of the diverse, gifted body of Christ united to serve Him until He comes again. Throughout these four years, the Lord has confirmed my calling, brought knowledge to my zeal, given me lifelong friends, and developed a love for Chicago. I am humbled by the financial support and faithful prayers of Moody donors. Because of their financial support, I am launching into cross-cultural ministry earlier than I could have expected. I cannot thank you enough!”

– Sara S.

My time at Moody has truly been life-changing…

“Even though I came to Moody with a lot of head knowledge about the Bible, I am astounded at how much I have grown mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I have also become much more open-minded and culturally aware, as Moody is a place where all of its students and staff come from very diverse backgrounds and walks of life. I have met people from all over the world and have had the privilege of getting to know their culture as well as them as individuals.

“My understanding of the Bible has also increased dramatically. My time at Moody has truly been life-changing. I am grateful for the time I have spent here.”

– Brian A.
Human Services

I am so thankful that God brought me to Moody…

“I have seen God at work through my time at Moody through the community He has blessed me with and through what I am learning in my classes. I am so thankful that God gave me wonderful friends who have encouraged me to focus on the Lord and where He is working in my life. It’s wonderful to see a community who reflects Jesus and who strive to learn more about Him.

“I have seen the Lord revealing to me His faithfulness and goodness since I’ve been at Moody. I have been learning so much about the Bible and Christianity in my classes that hadn’t occurred to me before. It’s amazing to see the dedication of the professors at Moody and to see their love for the students and the subjects. I am so thankful that God brought me to Moody and for the professors who equip us to serve others well.”

– Olivia M.
Ministry to Women

The Word of God has come alive in me here…

“I started my Moody studies in 2018 so I could learn to interpret Scripture for myself without relying on religious leaders to do it for me. Four years later I see it was, and still is, a great and worthy investment as the Word of God has come alive in me. Before it was something I learned. Now it is something I live.

“As a missionary in Kenya, I am sharing that knowledge daily with the indigenous Maasai people so that they and I can know God and intimately worship Him. I am very grateful to God for allowing us to start seminary school for the Maasai people in partnership with Full Bright Theological Seminary. Without Moody's education, this partnership would not have been possible.

“Now the Maasai people have the same opportunity I have at Moody to learn how to study the Scriptures for themselves. May the Lord bless the work of Moody and all those that come together to make it happen. The ripple effects of your work and gifts only God can count. May the Lord bless you dearly.”

– Josephine K.
Master of Divinity

I have seen Christ’s love and heart throughout Moody Aviation…

“Throughout my time at Moody Aviation, I have been encouraged over and over by my faithful brothers and sisters, seeing firsthand the manifestation of Christ’s heart in His church. I have seen strangers separated by race, culture, age, and personality, become family simply on the virtue of unity in the Spirit.

“I have seen a deep compassion for the poor, weak, and marginalized displayed in the actions and on the lips of those around me. I have seen the humility of instructors and mentors who love their students and lead them through service and Christlike sacrifice. I have encountered men who love their Lord and His church with such fervency and passion that it spread like wildfire to whoever’s lives they touched.

“I have seen generosity, open homes, and families to students who are otherwise alone. I have seen a God worthy of praise and worship beyond what we could ever hope to give Him, and I have seen a people that love their neighbors as themselves and love their King with all their heart, soul, and mind.”

– Mavrick C.
Missionary Aviation Technology

I cannot express enough gratitude to the donors…

"Moody has far exceeded my expectations. Not only was I able to learn from some great theological minds, but I was able to discuss my opinions and thoughts in real time with professors that care about me and genuinely want to help my grow in my relationship with God. The professors care immensely for their students, inviting students into their lives and even their homes. I have been blessed by the wisdom of the professors, not only academically, but in my personal life and the advice I've been given.

“I'm so thankful for the ministry opportunities available to me at Moody where I can serve in multiple capacities in different places around the city of Chicago and implement what I'm learning in the classroom in real time. I am an elementary education major who will be graduating in May 2022. I did my student teaching in Tucson, Arizona, and feel the Lord leading me to teach overseas in the next couple years and eventually start my own school many years down the road that gives equal opportunity for Christian education no matter one's socioeconomic status.

“I cannot express enough gratitude to the donors who have given me the opportunity to go to Moody and leave without debt so that I truly can follow the Lord's call on my life with no hesitations. I don't think I'd be in the position I am now with so many life opportunities ahead of me if it weren't for the tuition-sponsored model at Moody and the amazing education I've received there.”

– Hannah F.
Elementary Education

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