Meet Jonathan Morgan and Ricardo Brown, recruiters for Moody Theological Seminary in Chicago. Let them help you discover which MTS degree is right for you as they answer your questions and walk with you through the application process.

Ricardo Brown

Ricardo works with Moody Bible Institute students A-M

“I’m a licensed and ordained elder, I’ve been an executive pastor, I’ve been a youth pastor, I’ve done missions in over fifteen countries . . . so I have the ability to look at a prospective student and tap into their passion. I know how to direct them to the degree program that’s going to help them finish their goal.”

Jonathan Morgan

Jonathan works with Moody Bible Institute students N-Z

“The biblical and theological training I got [at Moody] changed my life. I wanted to be a part of inviting others to experience that same thing . . . to connect people with a rich theological training, to be on their side, and to vouch for them the best I can.”

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