The Communications major at Moody’s Chicago campus is a fellowship of talented craftsmen working together to develop and integrate creativity on behalf of Christ's Kingdom through both modern and classic communication tools: photography, videography, graphic design, fine art, speech, drama, broadcast and writing.

What makes Moody’s communication program unique is the opportunity for diverse students to develop theology, theory, technique and technology in collaboration with one another. Students will grow in ways that would be impossible independently, stretch what they thought themselves capable of and even create beyond what was possible before.

After taking a sequence of core courses and becoming equipped with a basic groundwork in communications history, theory, and philosophy of ministry, students will work closely with an assigned faculty advisor to select a series of electives that best complements their skills and personal vision for ministry.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students completing the Bachelor of Arts in Communications program will be able to:

  • Interpret the gospel and accurately reflect a developed theology through their chosen media practices.
  • Employ various technological tools and techniques to further the work of the Church.
  • Evaluate the rapidly evolving media and culture landscape through a biblical and theological lens.
  • Design a philosophy and theology of communication and cultural engagement.
Through student ministry opportunities, campus practicums, media projects and in-class assignments, students will engage in ministry while learning. Upon graduation, each student will have a professional communications portfolio that represents their unique messages and skill sets.

Future Career Opportunities

Many of our graduates are working in and with local churches and in communications-related ministries. Our alumni are writing books, producing videos, designing graphic media, managing social media, supervising communications for missions agencies and spearheading conferences and events. Others are freelancing and creating their own media firms. 

Some of our graduates are writing and editing for magazines like Christianity Today and RELEVANT, while others are journalists for local newspapers and columnists for news blogs. 

Recent radio graduates are announcing and producing with Moody Radio affiliates. The paths are as varied as the talents of our students.

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Program Plans

B.A. in Communications - Chicago (pdf)

"Come with your mind open, ready to learn and be challenged. Before I came to Moody, I thought I already knew most everything about the Bible and the Christian walk. But there is so much more to it! Through learning hermeneutics, Greek and Hebrew, I’ve gotten so much more out of God’s Word."
— Lara, Chattanooga, Tenn.
B.A. in Communications

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