This 126 credit degree program is designed to equip students for future ministry or further study in theology and related fields. Students in this program will attain the knowledge and skills needed to acquire, craft, critically evaluate, and defend a serviceable evangelical theology for the growth and governance of the church. In this program, students will become familiar with each of the branches of theology, including Biblical Theology, Historical Theology, Philosophical Theology, Apologetics and Systematic Theology. This program also allows students to study various theological topics or to emphasize a particular branch of theology in consultation with their faculty advisor.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students completing the Bachelor of Arts in Theology program should be able to:

  • Elucidate the major branches of theology.
  • Defend an extended theological argument.
  • Explain their theological profile.
  • Assess theological issues and contemporary theological developments in light of an orthodox protestant evangelical theology.

Future Ministry Possibilities

Students graduating in this major have gone on to many careers and ministries, including pastors, professors, military and hospital chaplains, Christian school teachers, missionaries, and editors and writers for Christian magazines and publishers. Many students use their undergraduate training as a foundation for additional studies in graduate schools and seminaries.


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Program Plan

B.A. in Theology (pdf)

"Moody gave me the ability to study and deliver God's Word in a careful and insightful way. Before coming to Moody I didn't have much of a framework for how theology affected our day-to-day lives."
— Jeremy, Oak Park, Ill.

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