Moody student organizations exist to edify and mature our student body, honing students' gifts and broadening their knowledge of the world. Each of Moody's 40 student organizations has a specific focus and also helps to give students an opportunity to learn about issues such as leadership, cross-cultural understanding, mentoring, outreach, media and personal wellness. 



Embrace is an organization designed to involve, support and minister to the African-American students on campus, and to promote multicultural sensitivity throughout the Moody community.

International Students Fellowship (ISF)

ISF is an organization which exists to provide fellowship and assistance to the international students at Moody. This group also seeks to bring a cultural awareness to the MBI community. ISF sponsors social activities for all students throughout the year.


Kesher is open to students who have an interest in gaining a further understanding of Jewish culture and would like to be involved in ministry opportunities to the Jewish community.


MuKappa is a fellowship for "MKs," or missionary kids, and seeks to offer support to MKs as they repatriate to life in the United States. MuKappa sponsors various outings throughout the school year, such as shopping trips, camping trips and other activities.


Puente is open to students who have an interest in gaining a further understanding of Hispanic culture and would like to be involved in ministry opportunities to the Hispanic community. Activities include a chapel presentation on Hispanic awareness and various outings to local Hispanic cultural events.


Student Government Association

The members of the Student Government Association seek to represent student concerns to the faculty and administration of Moody as well as provide social, spiritual, intellectual and physical stimuli to the student body through a variety of programs. Examples of SGA functions are spiritual gifts seminars, campus blood drives, student body prayer meetings with the president of Moody and various campus events.


Big Brother/Big Sister of Chicago

Big Brother/Big Sister of Chicago is an organization that affords ministry opportunities, such as friendship evangelism and discipleship, to children in Chicago. Activities include picnics, retreats, a Christmas party and individual outings in the Chicago area.

Children’s Ministry Awareness Group (C-MAG)

C-MAG is an organization that works with local children with ministry.

Created Equal

The purpose of Created Equal is to raise awareness of the lives threatened by abortion 

Deaf Outreach of Chicago (DOC)

DOC is an organization that focuses on equipping students with knowledge of the Deaf community and sharing the gospel with them.

Frontlines Homeless Ministry

The desire of Frontlines is to minister to the homeless through first ministering to their physical and emotional needs.

The Gospel Choir

The purpose of the Gospel Choir is to unify the body of Christ. The choir is composed of students and employees who share this passion. Concerts are held on and off campus.

Lost and Found

Lost and Founds objective is to honor God in advocating justice locally and globally through prayer, raising awareness, and practical application.

The Moody Debate Society

The Moody Debate Society is an organization that will give students the opportunity to clash their minds on the issues facing the world. 

Resident Activities Council

The Resident Activities Council (RACO) exists for the purpose of planning non-academic activities and programs for the student body. Examples of activities sponsored by RACO include showing films on campus, all-night roller skating, boating trips on Lake Michigan, musical concerts, professional baseball games and various other fun activities.

Student Missions Fellowship

The purpose of Student Missions Fellowship (SMF) is to give information, provide opportunities and encourage students to become involved in the ministry of missions. Each semester, SMF encourages the Moody campus to financially support a mission project which the student body chooses. SMF also sponsors such things as weekly prayer meetings for countries/areas of the world and "Concerts of Prayer."

Student Outreach

The Student Outreach is a student-led ministry designed to provide students with opportunities to utilize their gifts to communicate the gospel to the unsaved in Chicago's inner city.

Student Theological Society (STS)

Open to all Moody students, this club is dedicated to furthering the educational scope of its members through debate, research and discussion of theological and social issues. The club sponsors regularly-scheduled forums and debates on campus.


The Calling

The Calling's goal is to address the issues facing men realistically and biblically, in order to come to an understanding of biblical, realistic manhood. They believe that there are many guys on this campus that are desperately trying to be men, but they don't know how. "God has called us to be men so it is our desire to journey with our brothers toward godly manhood."

The Vine

The Vine exists to present the opportunity for women to be discipled in both a small group and one-on-one, while discipling others in the same way. Our goal is to send women into the world who are mature, equipped, experienced and ready to disciple women in each of their future life seasons as women. The Vine has six different venues for this discipleship experience, all offering the opportunity to be discipled and to be equipped in discipling others by trained and experienced leaders.


Epaphras is designed for women who desire to be discipled in a small group on their dorm floor.


Designed for women trusting God through particularly difficult seasons in their lives, the Haven offers a place of freedom, authenticity and healing.

Journey Together

Journey Together is designed for women who want to be mentored one-on-one before joining a small group.


Samaria is designed for women who desire to be discipled in a small group on campus, and to disciple others at a nearby local high school.


Zoë is designed for women who desire to serve. Zoe serves the women's ministry and the student body by providing events to bring women into disciplemaking relationships, and to create environments for growth and nurture of those relationships.

The Well

The Well's goal is to create an atmosphere where Moody women can come, no matter what the need, to be refreshed through fellowship in large groups, small groups, an annual retreat and mentoring relationships. The Well is designed to be a place to meet others and most importantly, Christ!

Student Wives Fellowship

Student Wives Fellowship (SWF) is designed to minister to student wives or wives whose husbands are students at Moody Bible Institute and Moody Theological Seminary. The wives meet for fellowship, teaching and encouragement on Thursday evenings on the campus of Moody Bible Institute. Student wives who live on or off campus are welcome. For more information contact the Student Development office or call (312) 329-4193.

Counseling Services Support Groups

Counseling Services offers group counseling for all areas of life including grief, trauma, boundaries, dating, marriage, substance abuse, depression, sexual abuse and identity formation issues. In addition to group counseling, Counseling Services has several licensed therapists available for individual counseling.


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