You can sharpen your skills as a pastor or ministry leader at the Spiritual Leadership Academy, where you can study the Bible and develop your knowledge of God’s Word. You’ll form relationships with other men and women who want to grow as they continue serving in their ministries around Chicago. Learn effective strategies for powerful and sound biblical interpretation.

Courses are offered at Moody Bible Institute’s Chicago campus, taught by Moody faculty and staff. Earn a certificate when you complete the course, plus continuing education units (CEU courses do not meet college credit requirements).


Spring 2018

Learn how to walk through a book of Scripture and follow the author's main idea in every section and verse. You’ll see why the structure and historical occasion of a book is significant to its meaning. Practice drawing application that aligns with the central idea of the book, the Gospel, and the whole Bible. You’ll gain a better understanding of one book, and the ability to use what you’ve learned to study other books of the Bible.

Attend class one Saturday a month and study for five hours a week.

Eric Redmond

Assistant Professor of Bible

Eric Redmond teaches courses in Bible exposition, interpretation, and homiletics. He serves as pastor of adult ministries at Calvary Memorial Church in Oak Park, and wrote Ephesians in the Knowing the Bible Series (Crossway).

View his faculty bio here.

Class Dates

Classes will be on Moody’s Chicago campus in the Sweeting Center, room 319, from 8:00 a.m. to noon.

  • January 20
  • February 17
  • March 24
  • April 21


$100, plus books and course materials

Course texts

John R. W. Stott, The Message of Ephesians (InterVarsity Press)
Eric C. Redmond, Ephesians: A 12-Week Study (Crossway)

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En Buscando La Raíz, Profesor Emanuel Padilla dará un estudio teológico de la Iglesia, su origen e historia, su fundamento y su crecimiento espiritual. Esta clase se enfocará en estudios de eclesiología en cuatro partes: teología, historia de la Iglesia con atención especial a la historia de la Iglesia Latina, el uso de la Biblia en la congregación, y una exploración de santificación. Los estudiantes que completan este estudio podrán

You’ll attend class one Saturday a month and spend 5 hours a week in outside study.

  1. Identificar diferentes formas eclesiológicas
  2. Dar clase sobre la historia básica de la Iglesia protestante
  3. Aplicar varios métodos al uso de la Biblia
  4. Usar varios métodos de formación espiritual

Enero–Abril 2018

  • Nos reuniremos una vez al mes, principalmente el tercer sábado del mes de 8:00 a.m. a mediodía
  • 20 de Enero, 17 de Febrero, 24 de Marzo (4to sábado), y 21 de Abril
  • Moody Bible Institute Campus, Sweeting Center Room 319
  • Conoce a otros pastores y líderes de la Iglesia
  • Pasaremos cinco horas a la semana en un estudio externo
  • El costo es de $ 100, más libros y materiales del curso
  • Obtenga un certificado cuando complete el curso, más unidades de educación continua (los cursos de CEU no cumplen con los requisitos de crédito universitario)

Textos Del Curso

Al momento, no hay un texto central para el curso. Estaremos dando materiales en la clase cada vez que haiga la oportunidad.

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