In an effort to allow our students to concentrate on their studies and their service to Christ, Moody Distance Learning and Moody Bible Institute makes every effort to keep our tuition rate and fees affordable.

Undergraduate Credit $330 per credit hour*
Graduate Credit $420 per credit hour*
Undergraduate Credit 
(Shipping and handling not included)  
$320 per credit hour*


Student Fee (per semester, required)*    
General Term Fee (per semester)       $40
Other Fees as Applicable*    
Certificate or Degree extension fee   $50
Credit by examination fee   $100
Graduation fee   $125
Independent Studies extension fee   $100
Late payment fee   $25
Returned ACH/Check fee   $25
Shipping/handling fee for independent study course 
(For international shipping additional charges may apply)
Validation examination fee       $100

*All  prices quoted are subject to change without notice


Textbooks and supplies:

Costs for textbooks will vary depending on course and where books are purchased.

Payment Policies

In order to receive access to a course, students must pay the balance in full according to the following policies. Students with past due balances will not be allowed to enroll in future terms, receive official transcripts, grades, certificates of scholastic standing, or their degrees. Students must check their E-mail address and student portal regularly to receive pertinent account information.



  1. Balances are due in full one week before online, extension, or self-paced courses begin, unless other payment arrangements have been made (i.e. payment plan, employment vouchers, etc.). Payments for Independent Study courses are due at the time of registration.
  2. A semester payment plan is available for eligible students, fees may apply. Information on this plan is available online at, or by calling 800-609-8056. You may sign up for the plan by logging in to your student portal and looking under the "MDL Students" tab. 

If students are expecting institutional scholarships, outside scholarships, stipends, or loans to help cover their balance and they are not awarded by Moody’s due date, students are still responsible to make payments on time for the amount due.

Outside Aid and Your Payments

Students must communicate Moody's payment deadlines to any scholarship or sponsoring organization so that payment can be made in full according to the above policies. To ensure that the amount is applied to the fall and spring semester bills by the due date, please send the check prior to August 1 for the fall semester, January 1 for the spring semester, and May 1 for the summer semester. If the scholarship funds are not received by Moody's due date, students must make payment in full at that time. Adjustments to your bill will be made when the actual check is received. Exceptions to this can only be made if the scholarship organization requires certification after courses begin and they provide an award letter on their letterhead before Moody's due date stating the amount of the scholarship award. Outside scholarships do not replace your regularly scheduled payments. They can, however, lower your overall monthly payment amount. 

 Methods of Payment
  1. Students may make payments online through the student portal by debit/credit card. (Discover, MasterCard, and Visa are accepted.)
            Others* making payments towards a student's bill may make payments online by debit/credit card at Non-student payment. (Discover, MasterCard, and Visa are accepted.)
            *Matriculation deposits and outside scholarship payments may not be made online through this link. 
    2.     Payments by check or money order** may be sent payable to:
             Moody Bible Institute
             Attn: Student Accounts
             820 N. LaSalle Blvd.
             Chicago, IL 60610
             **Please include student name and ID# on all checks and money orders. Allow 2-3 weeks for mail delivery.  


Refund Policy

When a student receives a financial credit (fee waiver, dropping courses, etc.), the adjustments are credited to the student’s account according to the refund schedule. This credit will be applied toward remaining charges on the student account. Credit balances from Title IV funds must be refunded. All credit balances will be refunded at the end of each semester.

Dropping courses may have financial penalties and academic penalties (see Academic Policies). Students who drop courses before the start date will receive full credit on their accounts for all payments made (if applicable) toward tuition and fees. 

Refunds will be issued based on the date a course is dropped, according to the schedule in the Academic Catalog from the first date of the session, which may be earlier than the first meeting day of the course (dates are subject to change). The session for extension site courses begins the Monday of the week when a course first meets. Courses may vary in length and follow a different refund schedule. Please contact for specific dates and information regarding Refund Policies.



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Detailed Fees Quickguide - Undergraduate (pdf)

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"Being in the military does not give me much time to keep pace academically with my civilian peers. By God’s grace, I found Moody's online courses. At one point, I was finishing up a discussion board conversation on my laptop in the middle of a German forest, connected to Moody by satellite. Now my goal is accomplished—a [degree] to put to use in European missions."
— Kyle, Merrillville, Ind.
B.S. in Biblical Studies

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