Bachelor of Science in Theology and Cultural Engagement

Gain competence to serve in intercultural and cross-cultural settings

You can get trained to minister in multicultural contexts around the world with a Bachelor of Science in Theology and Cultural Engagement from Moody Bible Institute Distance Learning. You’ll be equipped with skills for the marketplace as you study how cultural beliefs shape a person’s worldview. Learn how to deliver God’s transformative Word in innovative ways as you take classes you can’t find anywhere else. For class projects, you’ll resolve cultural challenges for different organizations and institutions.

Student Experience

As you study, you’ll:

  • Gain critical thinking skills for any career setting.
  • Do biblical studies and theological coursework that prepares you for all ministry contexts.
  • Form relationships with your professors and other students and join a network of professionals from around the world.
  • Deepen your understanding of theology, biblical worldview, culture, politics, social justice, and much more.
  • Gain competence in intercultural and cross-cultural studies.
Course Schedule

After You Graduate

You’ll be prepared to work in churches, ministry organizations, and anywhere else God calls you around the world. Work in multicultural and international settings and resolve cultural challenges with a theological viewpoint.


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As a student on Moody’s global campus, you get more than a Bible education. Our world-class faculty has traveled the globe ministering to others in Christ’s name, and they will train you to do the same. Your faculty mentors will help you develop your own ministry focus as you learn to apply God’s Word faithfully to everyday life.

Financial Aid

Moody is committed to helping you graduate with as little debt as possible. Classes cost $330 per credit hour, and you can manage the cost with a payment plan, scholarships, veterans benefits, and Federal and private loans.

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