The Bachelor of Science in Theology and Cultural Engagement program is designed to train you to minister in multicultural churches, both overseas and in the United States. You will come to understand how cultural beliefs shape someone’s worldview. You’ll learn how to minister to people, delivering God’s Word in transformative ways.

Scripture is not applied in a vacuum; it’s applied in context across various cultures. Moody faculty will teach you the different skills and capacities needed for you to relate to those in a variety of cross-cultural environments. Coursework will address politics, social justice, economics, social discourse, language, and more.

Potential Career Options

Within the church, you’ll be prepared for associate, non-preaching pastoral roles. Critical thinking skills, biblical studies, and theological coursework will prepare you for almost any career setting. You’ll also be equipped to work within parachurch organizations, Christian think-tanks, and entrepreneurial ventures, particularly those that involve multicultural and international work.

Degree Requirements*

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Program Core

BI 2201 Interpreting Scripture 3
CUL 2200 Introduction to Cultural Studies 3
CUL 2201 Understanding Worldviews 3
CUL 3300 Communicating in a Globalized World 3
CUL 3301 Analyzing Cultural Challenges: Action Research 3
CUL 4400 Discourse and Globalization 3
CUL 4401 Leading Cultural Change 3
CUL 4402 Innovation and Cultural Challenges 3
CUL 4403 Cultural Studies Project Research 3
CUL 4404 Cultural Studies Major Project 3
GSU 1107 Foundations of Learning 3
GSU 1115 The Story and Structure of the Bible 3
GSU 2203 Self and Social Identity 4
MN 4400 Planning New Ministry Ventures 3
MN 4401 Executing Strategy 3
TH 2210 Theology and Culture 3
TH 2211 Theology in a Globalized World 3
TH 3302 Method for Biblical Theology 3
TH 3305 Theology of Social Justice and Righteousness 3
TH 4401 Christian Anthropology and Hamartiology 3
TH 4406 The Trinity and the Christian Life 3
TH 4407 Thinking Theologically about World Systems 3
TH 4409 God and Politics: Kingdom, Sovereignty and Freedom 3


General Studies Requirements

General Studies Core  
GSU 1110 College Writing 3
GSU 1112 Research Writing 3
GSU 2202 Introduction to Critical Thinking 3
Academic Disciplines  
Critical Thinking and Math 6
Oral and Written Communication 3
Social and Behavioral Sciences 6
Humanities 6
Open Electives 21


Total Credits



*The above degree requirements are subject to the current academic catalog and may change accordingly.


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