Most seminaries focus on one or two characteristics for their students. Moody Theological Seminary seeks to produce balanced and exceptional leaders in all four vital areas of Discovery, Integration, Engagement and Teaching. Students come to MTS and discover scholarship that not only transforms but produces leaders who can integrate the balance of skills necessary to make them truly exceptional.

Delivering the unique blend of practical Christian training and sound biblical scholarship requires that we value and employ the following:

The Scholarship of Biblical Discovery

This is exegetical research that engages the biblical text in order to state new paradigms supported by biblical exegesis while engaging with contrary and complementary critical scholarship.
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The Scholarship of Engagement

Also known as applied biblical research, this engagement takes a specific bib­lical/theological discovery and shows its application in life in varied settings. 
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The Scholarship of Biblical Integration

Utilizing reflective observation of basic/applied Bible research, this discipline brings together two or more areas of biblical discovery in a creative synthesis.
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The Scholarship of Preaching and Teaching

Draws on other three scholarships in order to communicate and impart skills in a format that can be acquired, integrated and applied within specific audi­ences.
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"A deeper understanding of God's Word has empowered me in a greater degree to minister effectively. I feel more secure and confident concerning the Scriptures and enjoy Bible study more than ever before."
— Todd, Munster, Ind.
Associate Pastor

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