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The Graduate Certificate in Vocational Stewardship (G.C.V.C.) is a 24-hour academic program. The certificate provides advanced training in vocational stewardship for current and future pastors, administrators, business-men/women, business-as-mission entrepreneurs, managers in Christian organizations and people engaged in various vocations in the marketplace. 

G.C.V.S. is designed for students with a college or Bible college degree—with or without ministry experience—who are interested in teaching, fostering and modeling an effective and exemplary biblical stewardship within the Church and in the various vocations in the workplace. 


The program seeks to attain three types of outcomes in the life of the student: academic, professional and relational.

The academic outcome is a graduate who is a maturing follower of Christ who can engage in critical and constructive theological reflection and develop biblical and practical strategies of effective vocational stewardship within the Church and in the workplace—meaning a whole-life, 24/7 discipleship. 

This outcome is based on a solid foundation of interpreting the Bible using digital resources and studies in biblical vocational stewardship that will enable students to articulate, critically analyze, evaluate and carefully apply the historical, theoretical, practical and ethical aspect of vocational stewardship, including: 

  • the principles of work or vocation as a calling
  • holiness and soul care in vocations
  • theory and practice of entrepreneurship primarily for social and economic flourishing in an environment that needs development

The professional outcome is a graduate who is a maturing follower of Christ who possesses developed and honed skills in vocational stewardship. 

This outcome is based on a solid foundation of:

  • interpreting the Bible using digital resources and studies in biblical vocational stewardship that will equip students to exegete various contexts and integrate faith, work and economics
  • leading to fulfillment in personal, spiritual and professional life
  • pursue excellence in the work setting
  • apply biblical ethical principles in vocations
  • design and modify or launch a social entrepreneurial venture for economic flourishing, including a hands-on innovation and immersion project which helps to transform people and society and allows for personal virtuous membership in society          

The relational outcome is a graduate who is a maturing follower of Christ who possesses developed interpersonal skills. This outcome is based on a solid foundation of studies in vocational stewardship that will enable students to engage in relationship-fostering activities, modeling and communicating of biblical values and approach to life and work in a diverse and pluralistic work setting.

On the completion of the program, students can serve in positions, such as, pastor, a bi-vocational pastor, ministry leader, business-as-mission entrepreneur, para-church ministry leader, for-profit or non-profit organization leader, businessperson, missionary, administrator, or just an average “Joe” or “Jane” who sits in the pew but faithfully integrates faith and work in any vocation or workplace where the Lord has placed him or her. 



Certificate Core Courses


BI 5500 Hermeneutics3
BI 5531 Introduction to Theological Research and Digital Literacy3

G.C.M.L. Emphasis Courses


MN 5500 Essentials for Excellence in Ministry Leadership3
MN 6601 Power, Conflict, Resolution and Transformational Leadership3
VS 5501 Vocational Stewardship: Integration of Faith, Work and Economy3
VS 6601 Morality, Integrity and Ethics in Vocations3
VS 6602 Social Entrepreneurship for Economic Flourishing/"Shalom"3
VS 7701 Practice of Vocational Stewardship*3

*Guidelines of Field Education at MTS must be satisfactorily completed, as well as a copy of the written project signed by the supervisor and submitted to the program head for the successful completion of this course.


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