The Graduate Certificate of Biblical Studies (G.C.B.S.) is a 24 credit hour program designed to provide a broad biblical base for those who have graduated from a secular college or university. The program applies biblical truths to the practical problems students face in life and ministry around the world. By providing an understanding of the Scriptures and systematic theology, followed by the integration of this knowledge with modern strategies for ministry, the program seeks to provide the capabilities needed for ministry and personal growth.

Evaluation skills, as well as effective written and verbal expression, are emphasized. The student is expected to attain comprehension of a foundational framework of biblical and theological truths, a commitment to a lifestyle based on Christian character, and capabilities in research and communication that are critical in ministry.


The program seeks to attain three types of outcomes in the life of the student: academic, professional and relational.

The G.C.B.S. program will give the student a practical and biblical worldview. This worldview will serve as a foundation for explaining and defending traditional evangelical doctrinal beliefs.

The student will develop skills in interpreting the Bible, using basic Bible study tools, applying and communicating biblical truth, and impacting others in the church and in the world.

The G.C.B.S. program will attempt to stimulate spiritual growth by providing opportunities for fellowship with God and humanity and the integration of faith and practice.

Future Ministry Possiblities

Pastor, Associate Pastor, Christian Education Director, Youth Pastor, Women's Ministry Director, Bible Teacher, Bible Researcher, Missionary, Church Planter, Christian Service Organization Employee, Christian School Administrator, Chaplain, Relief Worker, Pastoral Counselor and Christian Camp Director.


Certificate Core Courses


BI 5500 Hermeneutics 3
BI 5533 Old Testament History, Literature, and Theology 3
BI 5532 New Testament History, Literature, and Theology 3
ST 5534 Systematic Christian Theology I 3
ST 5535 Systematic Christian Theology II 3

G.C.B.S. Emphasis Courses


Bible Elective 6


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"At MTS, you are basically on steroids biblically. It is worth all the intense, hard work when you can go back to your church and other people benefit from your education."
— Connie, Hong Kong
M.A. in Biblical Studies

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