Master of Divinity

Moody’s ATS-accredited Master of Divinity degree offers the biblical expertise and advanced preaching skills you need to accurately communicate God’s Word. Your courses will focus on Hebrew, Greek, Bible analysis, biblical and systematic theology, pastoral practices, church history, ministry leadership and narrative preaching. 

Two internships are built into the curriculum to help you apply what you’ve learned in real-life settings.


Learn from faculty mentors such as Professor Julius Wong Loi Sing and Associate Professor J. Brian Tucker. Dr. Wong Loi Sing has made contributions to a Papiamentu Bible translation and has published in the journal Interpreting the Psalms for Teaching and Preaching. 

Dr. Tucker has published numerous journal articles and books, including Reading Paul in Context: Explorations in Identity Formation.

Watch below to meet Dr. Brian Tucker or view his faculty profile here.

You'll specialize and gain expertise in of these five degree emphases:

Intercultural and Urban Studies (Chicago and Michigan campus)

This emphasis is student-driven, allowing you to select to whom and where you would like to minister and conduct research. As you complete coursework and live and serve in a community, you will become skilled in biblical interpretation and application with intercultural awareness. Your ministry and research experience, along with biblical and theological reflection, will equip you to formulate an informed missional strategy for your community.

Ministry Leadership (Chicago and Michigan campuses)

Learn and apply biblical strategies that will catapult your leadership skills to the next level so that you can effectively plan, lead, organize, direct change, harness technology, and resolve conflict. Appraise talents of both yourself and others as you create innovation and transformation within a ministry context. Grow in your own biblical knowledge and spiritual disciplines as you improve group dynamics, engage in outreach, and foster closer relationships.

Ministry Leadership - Vocational Stewardship (Chicago campus)

Throughout this emphasis, you will study the integration of faith, work, and economics. You will develop theological research skills, learn to model biblical values in a pluralistic setting, and discuss how the marketplace is a mission field. You will study missions-based ministry programs or social entrepreneurial ventures that strive to address global poverty and foster economic growth. Finally, you will create your own ministry program or entrepreneurial venture with a hands-on project designed to transform your community.

Pastoral Studies (Chicago and Michigan campuses)

Choose this emphasis to focus on attaining a deeper level of pastoral skills. Learn to discern the spiritual needs of a congregation or ministry and to craft messages to address those issues. Practice developing skills to create meaningful connections with your congregation or ministry. Enhance your empathy and active listening skills.

Spiritual Formation and Discipleship (Chicago and Michigan campuses)

The courses in this emphasis will enable you to counsel others effectively in various servant leadership roles. Foster your own spiritual growth by sharpening your spiritual disciplines and learn to shepherd, exhort, and guide God’s people. Through Bible, systematic theology, and spiritual formation courses, you will learn to diagnose the spiritual condition of others as well as engage in soul care and discipleship.


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