The Vocational Stewardship Emphasis of the M.Div. degree prepares you for teaching, fostering and modeling effective and exemplary biblical stewardship within the Church and in the various vocations in the workplace

This program provides advanced training in vocational stewardship for current and future pastors, administrators, business-men/women, business-as-mission entrepreneurs, managers in Christian organizations and people engaged in various vocations in the marketplace.

Download the current Vocational Stewardship Emphasis of the M.Div. program plan.

Emphasis Distinctives

    • Develop biblical and practical strategies of effective vocational stewardship within the Church and workplace—meaning a whole-life, 24/7 discipleship.
    • Build a solid foundation of interpreting the Bible using digital resources and studies that will enable you to articulate, critically analyze, evaluate and carefully apply the historical, theoretical, practical and ethical aspect of vocational stewardship.
    • Be equipped to exegete various biblical contexts and integrate faith, work and economics.
    • Pursue excellence in the work setting and apply biblical ethical principles in vocations.
    • Understand and apply the principles of work or vocation as a calling and holiness and soul care in vocations.
    • Design and modify or launch a social entrepreneurial venture for economic flourishing, including a hands-on innovation and immersion project which helps to transform people and society and allows for personal virtuous membership in society.
    • Develop interpersonal skills and engage in relationship-fostering activites, modeling and communicating biblical values and approach to life and work in a diverse and pluralistic work setting.


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