Mission Statement

Moody Theological Seminary exists to train Bible interpreters who will apply and incarnate biblical truth and minister and communicate that truth to others.

Statement of Values and Competencies

The academic programs at Moody Theological Seminary seek to encour­age a thirst for knowing the Lord Jesus Christ, obeying Him, increasing in Christlike character and serving Him effectively through the use of spiritual gifts. Toward this end, the programs seek to attain the following values and competencies:

We seek three types of outcomes in the life of the student. A graduate of Moody Theological Seminary will:


BI - MTS Values - Academic

Theological Understanding

We value the intellectual development of students toward a practical working knowledge of the text.

  • Demonstrate an ability to objectively interpret and apply the Scriptures to life and ministry.
  • Understand and articulate the essential doctrines of evangelical/Christian belief.

Critical Thinking

  • Demonstrate competency to conduct scholarly research, evidencing careful analysis and critical judgment.
  • Articulate and apply a biblical worldview to life.


BI - MTS Values - Professional

Professional Competency

We value the ability to incorporate biblical knowledge with the practice of ministry skills

  • Conduct their ministries with skills appropriate to each ministry.
  • Integrate biblical knowledge to communicate or preach with accuracy and relevance.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning.

Supervised Internships

  • Develop ministry skills under guided supervision.


BI - MTS Values - Relational

Spiritual Formation

We value the development of relational skills and the formation of Christian character in our students.

  • Display an ongoing desire to grow in Christlike character.
  • Exhibit passion for continued obedience to Christ and service to people.

Cultural Sensitivity

  • Exhibit an appreciation for cultural, theological and denominational diversity in partnership with the church community in varied settings.


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"The broad spectrum of courses really appealed to me. To be able to study languages, Bible and leadership all in one program gave me a well-rounded education."
— Jill, G.C. in Biblical Studies

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