Most Moody Theological Seminary degree programs and certificates allow you to take some courses online or in a modular format—combining one week of on-campus study with at-home learning.

Online Studies

Administered by Moody Distance Learning, online courses follow either an 8-week or 16-week format. You may choose to enroll in a single course or participate in several courses at one time. Students in each course progress through a structured series of course material and learning experiences guided by Moody faculty and instructors. Assignments require students to engage in activities that are both academic and practical.

The courses are designed to help you benefit from the learning community that surrounds you. Your commitments to family, church, ministry and community become key components in your personal development in the courses. Substantive online interaction with faculty and students of other backgrounds further enriches the experience.

Course requirements that include online postings follow a schedule for the semester-based online courses so that you may complete the assignments at your convenience prior to the due date/time.

The online connection will be made through your Internet Service Provider (ISP), but the electronic classrooms will be managed through Moody's learning management system called Blackboard. Students will be issued usernames and passwords in order to have access to the courses and services.

Modular Courses

Taking a modular class provides you the luxury of a 15-week semester with the convenience of spending only one week on our Chicago campus. Modular courses satisfy three credit hours and are administered through Moody Distance Learning.

Courses are scheduled at various times throughout the year and consist of only one week of campus residency, flanked by seven weeks of both pre-residency and post-residency work. The one week of on-campus residency is a highly intensive study where modular students spend up to eight hours a day with their professor and fellow students.


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"For students with families and jobs, or individuals rooted in a different city, Moody's distance learning options allow people to continue their education and interact with other students who are doing the same."
— Amy, Waterville, Ohio
M.A. Class of 2011

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