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Career Discovery

Assessment is the discovery process that helps a person know themselves better and also helps them know how they interact with people and situations around them. The Career Center and the Associate Dean of Career Development will gladly assist any Student or Alumni seeking to assess their life.

There are many assessment tools on the market that can be used either singularly or in tandem with other assessments. These tools include:

  • Enneagram Assessment
  • IDAK Career Match
  • Myers-Briggs Assessment
  • Strengths Finder 2.0
  • StrengthsQuest 

The Associate Dean meets with you to help choose which assessment would best fit your situation, and consults with you on the results of these tools.

Make an Appointment

Appointments can be made with the Associate Dean by e-mailing and soliciting the help of the Career Center. These appointments will take place at the Career Center on Culbertson Hall 2nd Floor in the lobby of Moody Central.