Moody student organizations exist to edify and mature our student body, honing students' gifts and broadening their knowledge of the world. Each of Moody's student organizations has a specific focus are divided into cultural leadership, music and drama, service, sports, student media and support.

Chicago Student Programs

The Office of Student Programs advises student organizations and councils in the areas of leadership, budgeting, planning and the facilitation of campus-wide events. For more information, please contact Student Programs.

The Alumni Student Center (ASC) is at the crossroads of the Chicago campus:

The second floor houses conference rooms, Fellowship Hall, student organization offices, Joe's Coffee Shop, game room and the Office of Student Programs.

The Activity Center offers a private setting for group functions such as brother/sister events, special organization presentations and other activities. Along with a serving area, the tables and chairs can seat approximately 50.

The commuter area has vending machines for meals on the run, microwave ovens, a refrigerator, tables and a sink to wash dishes for students who wish to bring their meals.


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