The Master of Arts in Christian Leadership (M.A.C.L.) is a 42-hour program that will provide you with biblical and theoretical perspectives on leadership. This program is offered as a cohort with students taking one course at a time over the course of a two year period.

  • Develop and implement a personal leadership development plan with the help of a leadership mentor or professional coach
  • Become practically equipped for building trusting relationships, managing people, developing a stronger team, implementing projects and other leadership principles
  • Learn to think biblically and theologically about how you lead others in your organization through leadership scenarios such as managing teams and dealing with organizational dynamics

Potential Career Options

This degree will equip you to think and lead biblically wherever you serve. You will be prepared to lead with integrity in Christian and non-Christian organizations as an executive, manager, pastor, lay leader, ministry practitioner or in any other capacity.

Purpose and Goals

Program Purpose

The M.A.C.L. is designed for those seeking to develop as leaders through an application of biblical and theological perspectives. The M.A.C.L. focuses on developing the integrity of the leader while emphasizing the necessity of practical skills for effective leadership.  

The M.A.C.L. is created for students who: 

  • wish to develop biblically informed leadership skills to enhance their ability to serve the Lord in their context
  • are serving in a variety of leadership positions in Christian and non-Christian organizations, including, but not limited to, various pastoral positions, executives, managers, lay leaders and others desiring to integrate leadership and Scriptural teachings

Program Goals

At the completion of the M.A.C.L., you will be able to:

  • apply contextually aware interpretations of Scripture to the practice of Christian leadership
  • analyze and develop strategies for leading in light of organizational dynamics impacting character and performance.
  • develop integrative skills to operate in organizational and team-based settings.
  • implement a leadership development plan 


MACL 2014-2017 Schedule

CL 5505 Cultivating Character and Trust as a Christian Leader
CL 7703 Creating a Leadership Development Plan
CL 6601 Principles of Management
CL 6602 Christian Life and Organizational Life
CL 7704 Leadership Coaching 1
CL 7701 Building Teams That Transform and Achieve
CL 7702 Leading Teams within an Organizational Context
CL 7705 Leadership Coaching 2

CL 7706 Leadership Seminar
TH 5503 
Theological Foundations for Leadership
BI 5542 Biblical Interpretation and Leadership
BI 5541 Applying Scripture in Leadership

Total Credits




Course Descriptions

Bible and Theology Sequence- 15 hours

Theological Foundations for Leadership

This course evaluates several theological and doctrinal positions that have bearing on the leadership. Emphasis is placed on the implications of specific theologies upon the role of the leader and on the task of leadership more generally. The identity of the Christian leader as a member of the body of Christ is also addressed.

4 credit hours

Applying Scripture in Leadership

This course is designed to equip individuals to serve effectively as leaders, agents of change, facilitators of mission and administrators in the parish or in other related vocational settings. Emphasis placed on the analysis of one’s particular leadership context to better diagnose the situation into which Scripture must be allowed to speak. Various leadership assessments are also taken as part of this course.  

4 credit hours

Biblical Interpretation and Leadership

This course evaluates specific biblical passages drawing implications for issues related to leadership. Emphasis is placed on the manner in which specific Biblical passages influence theories of leadership and the activities of the leader. Course includes a discussion of leadership as a Christian vocation. Various assessments are taken as part of this course. 

4 credit hours

Cultivating Character and Trust as a Christian Leader 

This course will survey the resources available to a Christian for personal spiritual growth and effectiveness as a leader. The study will include practical guidance and personal disciplines for self-management. Emphasis placed on strategies for the development of trust in connection with Christian character. 

4 credit hours

Leadership and Management Sequence - 15 hours

Principles of Management

This course guides students in the development of skills related to various tasks of management within an organization. Human resource management, the development of organizational structures and policies, the use of effective documentation and other essential tasks will be addressed.  

3 credit hours

Christian Life and Organizational Life

The purpose of this class is to investigate the impact that individuals, groups and structures have on the development of an organization for the purpose of applying such knowledge toward resolving conflict and change in organizations. Emphasis placed on the theologically formative capacity of organizational structures and politics and on the development of strategies to ensure faithful leadership while negotiating organizational structures, group dynamics, communication, conflict, leadership and motivation. Various assessments are taken as part of this course. 

3 credit hours

Building Teams that Transform and Achieve

This course frames team-building as context for theological reflection and personal transformation.  The course examines the strategies required to onboard new members onto a team. Emphasis is place on the development of high performing teams and the manner in which group dynamics impact the character of individual team members. Course also addresses issues related to clarity and communication within the framework of teams. 

4 credit hours

Leading Teams within an Organizational Context

This course examines the skills needed to successfully leverage the resources and expertise across the whole organization. Emphasis placed on the development of communication strategies between various stakeholders with the framework of biblical instruction related to communication.       

3 credit hours

Leadership Development Sequence- 15 hours

Creating a Leadership Development Plan

This course addresses the philosophy, methods, skills and character for becoming a leader through the creation of a leadership development plan. The plan is based upon assessments taken throughout the program and 360 reviews of the student that will be performed as part of the course requirements. The course is intended to prepare students to become more effective Christian leaders. Students learn to assess leadership development needs and examine options to meet those needs. Students will create an initial leadership development plan that will be implemented throughout the rest of the program.  

3 credit hours

Leadership Coaching I

This course addresses areas identified in the student leadership development plan through one-on-one and/or small group coaching sessions with a leadership coach, faculty mentor or professional in a leadership position. 

4 credit hours

Leadership Coaching II

A continuation of Leadership Coaching I this course addresses areas identified in the student leadership development plan through one-on-one and/or small group coaching sessions with a leadership coach, faculty mentor or professional in a leadership position.  

4 credit hours

Leadership Seminar

This course is designed to integrate student learning that is related to biblical, theological and leadership scholarship. Students will also be given the opportunity to reflect upon their own leadership experience. Students will complete a second 360 review, as well as updating their leadership development plan. Students will also create a philosophy of Christian leadership.

4 credit hours


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