Moody Bible Institute's Library Services provides resources and services for the information needs of undergraduate, graduate and distance learning students—on campus and online—embracing access to resources through new technology while also supporting and developing traditional information formats, namely the continued development of book and print periodical collections.

    Locations and Services

    Read through the library locations and services for each campus and school:

    Crowell Library (Chicago)

    The Henry C. Crowell Library is located on the first and lower levels of The George Sweeting Center for World Evangelization, which was dedicated on April 28, 1992 and funded by the Henry Parsons Crowell and Susan Coleman Crowell Trust.

    The Crowell Library holds approximately 216,318 items in about 12 collections, including Curriculum Lab and Juvenile Books, Main Stacks, Media/Music Library, Journals, Pamphlets and Clippings, Reference and Reserves. 

    The Crowell Library provides access to 77 electronic resource tools, including online indexes, catalogs, eBooks, eJournals, databases of reference material and scholarly articles. Some of the more popular resources include the following: 

    • A-Z List of Electronic Journals
    • Academic Search Premier
    • ATLA Religion Database
    • Counseling & Therapy in Video
    • eBooks and eLibrary
    • JSTOR
    • PsycArticles
    • Horizon, our online catalog

    The Crowell Library maintains memberships with the following consortia: Christian Library Consortium (CLC), American Theological Library Association (ATLA) (including our local chapter Chicago Area Theological Library Association CATLA), and the Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois (CARLI).

    BI - Library

    Contact / Campus Location

    Sweeting Center, Chicago
    (312) 329-4136
    Crowell Library Website  

    Spokane Library Services

    The Moody Bible Institute–Spokane Library is located inside Fourth Memorial Church in Spokane, Washington. The library provides information services and resources essential for the academic needs of students and faculty.

    The Moody Bible Institute–Spokane Library extends access to thousands of electronic resource tools, including online catalogs, eBooks, eJournals, databases with reference and scholarly materials. Some of the more popular resources include the following:

    • A-Z List of Electronic Journals
    • Academic Search Complete
    • ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials
    • eBooks and eLibrary
    • JSTOR
    • ProQuest Research Library
    • Horizon, our online catalog, which allows students to manage their library account online.

    Students can access these by using their username and password.

    Library Sharing

    Gonzaga University's Foley Center Library is located approximately one mile Fourth Memorial Church. Moody's contract allows students to check out books, CDs and videos using their student ID card. The library also provides limited electronic database use in-house with guest password. Visit Gonzaga's Foley Center Library website for library hours.

    BI - Library

    Contact / Campus Location

    Moody Bible Institute–Spokane Library
    Biblical Studies Campus
    611 E. Indiana Ave.
    Spokane, WA 99207
    Spokane Library Website
    (509) 570-5900

    MTS–Michigan Library

    With more than 75,000 books and 40,000 periodicals, the MTS–Michigan Library provides informational material to support the basic responsibilities of teaching, research and continuing education.

    The MTS–Michigan Library provides access to 56 electronic resource tools, including online indexes, catalogs, eBooks, eJournals, databases of scholarly articles and reference material. Some of the more popular resources include the following:

    BI - Library

    Contact / Campus Location

    MTS—Michigan Library
    41550 E. Ann Arbor Trail
    Plymouth, MI 48170
    (734) 207-9581
    MTS Website

    Hours and Links
    Monday-Thursday: 9 a.m.-9:30 p.m.
    Friday: 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
    Saturday: 8 a.m.-2 p.m.

    MTS—Michigan Library Catalog
    MTS—Michigan Library Databases
    Scholar's Guide to the Library (web app)

    Online Library

    The Crowell Library provides information services and resources to students and faculty engaged in off-campus and distance education courses. The library is committed to providing its users with the resources and services that are essential for their academic needs, regardless of distance or location. Visit the online library.


    Moody Bible Institute Archives exists to collect, preserve and make accessible archival materials which record the life and times of Dwight Lyman Moody (Moodyana) and that illustrate the formation, organization and history of Moody Bible Institute. The archives is currently a part of the Crowell Library and is located on the lower level of the Sweeting Center for Evangelization on Moody's central campus in downtown Chicago.

    Some notable holdings include records from Moody ministries (Moody Radio, Education, Moody Publishers, Today in the Word, etc.) and documents from significant events including the Civil War, Chicago fire, evangelistic campaigns in the U.S. and Europe, and biographical material of distinguished Christian witnesses (C.I. Scofield, Spurgeon and others).

    BI - Library

    Contact / Campus Location

    Crowell Library Archives
    Sweeting Center
    820 N LaSalle Blvd
    Chicago, IL 60610
    Archives Website
    (312) 329-4880


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