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Undergraduate Course Syllabus

Online Undergraduate Course Syllabi with Required Texts

Moody Bible Institute Online endeavors to maintain accurate and current syllabus information on this website. Each format type links to the current course syllabus. The syllabus contains all textbooks and materials required for each course. Syllabus and textbook information is kept as up-to-date and accurate as possible but may change without notice. Moody cannot be responsible for textbooks ordered more than 30 days prior to the start of a given session.

Purchase of electronic versions of textbooks is permitted, as long as the electronic edition is the same as the required print text. Please keep in mind that page numbers may differ between the print and electronic versions of a textbook.

Some titles may be available as eBooks through the Moody library website. Be sure to check there before making your purchases if you so desire.

Moody Bible Institute is fully accredited and all online Bible and Theology courses qualify for ACSI certification. View the Moody Bible Institute Online general course offerings list on the learning venue page for the anticipated schedule of classes.

Contact if you need to purchase books 30 days prior to the start of your course to confirm the accuracy of the textbooks listed on the syllabus.

Course Syllabus List


BI 1103 Reading the Old Testament

BI 1104 Reading the New Testament

BI 1111 Old Testament Survey

BI 1112 New Testament Survey

BI 2201 Interpreting Scripture

BI 2211 John

BI 2230 Bible Introduction

BI 2260 Historical Geography of Ancient Israel

BI 2280 Hermeneutics/Bible Study Methods

BI 2281 Greek Grammar 1

BI 2282 Greek Grammar 2

BI 3301 Ancient Near Eastern Background and the Old Testament

BI 3302 Second Temple Jewish Backgrounds

BI 3312 Genesis

BI 3323 Life of Christ

BI 4402 Teaching the Scriptures

BI 4404 Applying Scripture in the Contemporary World

BI 4405 Interpreting Isaiah for Teaching

BI 4406 Interpreting Romans for Teaching 

BI 4410 Romans

BI 4495 Biblical Studies Capstone

BI 4491 Directed Study in Bible- New Testament Emphasis, 1 credit

BI 4492 Directed Study in Bible- New Testament Emphasis, 2 credit

BI 4493 Directed Study in Bible- Old Testament Emphasis, 1 credit

BI 4494 Directed Study in Bible- Old Testament Emphasis, 2 credit


CRI 2208 Introduction to Statistics

CRI 2209 Introduction to Economics

CRI 2215 Principles of Accounting

CRI 2298 Directed Study in Critical Thinking and Math- Critical Thinking Emphasis, 1 credit

CRI 2299 Directed Study in Critical Thinking and Math- Critical Thinking Emphasis, 2 credit

CRI 3303 Problem Solving and Challenges of the Church

CUL 2200 Introduction to Cultural Studies

CUL 2201 Understanding Worldviews

CUL 3300 Communicating in a Globalized World

CUL 3301 Analyzing Cultural Challenges

CUL 4400 Discourse and Globalization

CUL 4401 Leading Cultural Change

CUL 4402 Innovation and Cultural Challenges

CUL 4403 Cultural Studies Project Research

CUL 4404 Cultural Studies Major Project


ED 1111 Foundations of Biblical Leadership

ED 3303 Theology and Philosophy of Children and Family Ministry

ED 3309 Principles of Leadership

ED 3314 Principles of Administration

ED 3315 Capstone: Impacting Sustainable Change

ED 3322 Special Needs Children and Family Ministry

ED 3330 Introduction to Counseling

ED 3340 Marriage and Family Systems

ED 3342 Teaching and Ministry Skills for Children and Family Ministry

ED 3343 Curriculum Development

ED 3360 Issues and Counseling Youth

ED 3366 People Helping Skills

ED 3371 Introduction to Disability and Church

ED3372 Engaging Disability in the Church

ED 3373 Supporting Families Impacted by Disabilities

ED 4405 Parenting and Family Programming Ministry

ED 4424 Practices of Leadership


FE 4400 Ministry Internship


GSU 1107 Foundations of Learning

GSU 1108 Introduction to Portfolio Development

GSU 1110 College Writing

GSU 1112 Research Writing

GSU 1115 Story and Structure of the Bible

GSU 1120 Speech Communication

GSU 1131 Physical Sciences

GSU 1132 Life Sciences

GSU 2202 Introduction to Critical Thinking

GSU 2203 Self and Social Identity in Christianity

GSU 2210 Introduction to Psychology

GSU 2213 Introduction to Sociology

GSU 2250 Introduction to Philosophy


HUM 1109 Introduction to Literature

HUM 2267 Christian Worship


MI 3310 Church Planting

MI 3311 Intercultural Communication

MI 4401 Serving in Contexts of Suffering and Sacrifice

MI 4412 World Religions

MN 4400 Planning New Ministry Ventures

MN 4401 Executing Strategy

MS 1100 Spiritual Life and Community

MS 1102 Studying and Teaching the Bible

MS 1103 Christian Missions

MS 1104 Music and Media for Ministry

MS 1105 Intercultural Engagement

MS 4401 Integration of Faith, Work, and Economy

MU 1113 Worship and Music


OWC 2206 Communicating Scripture through Audio and Visual Technology

OWC 2298 Directed Study in Oral and Written Communication- Audio/Video Emphasis, 1 credit

OWC 2299 Directed Study in Oral and Written Communication- Audio/Video Emphasis, 2 credit

OWC 3302 Communicating in Organizations


PS 2253 Theology and Philosophy of Women's Ministry

PS 2264 Contemporary Strategies for Ministry to Women

PS 3310 The Church and Its Ministries

PS 3321 Discipling and Mentoring Women

PS 3322 Ministry to Women in Pain

PS 3330 Communication of Biblical Truth

PS 3340 Theology of Biblical Preaching

PS 3342 Foundations of Leadership

PS 3382 Care of the Ministry Leader's Soul

PS 4410 The Church and the Community

PS 4430 Narrative Messages

PS 4433 Evangelistic Messages

PS 4440 Structure and Style in Biblical Exposition

PS 4463 Cultural Dynamics of Congregational Ministry


SF 3301 Theology and Practice in the Early Church Through the Reformation

SF 3302 Theology and Practice in the Modern World

SF 4401 Christ and the Spirit

SF 4402 Communities and Spiritual Formation

SF 4403 Theological Ethics and Christian Life

SF 4404 Reflection and Practice in Spiritual Formation

SF 4405 Discipline in Spiritual Formation

SOC 2204 Media, Culture, and the Church

SOC 2298 Directed Study in Social and Behavioral Sciences- Sociology Emphasis, 1 credit

SOC 2299 Directed Study in Social and Behavioral Sciences- Sociology Emphasis, 2 credit

SOC 3301 Race, Gender, and Class in World Systems and the Church

SOC 4402 Child Development

SOC 4403 Adolescent and Adult Development


TH 1102 Survey of Historical Theology

TH 1103 Survey of Contemporary Theology

TH 1105 The Old Testament and Theology

TH 1106 The New Testament and Theology

TH 1110 The Church and Its Doctrines

TH 2201 The Theological Task and Bibliology

TH 2210 Theology and Culture

TH 2211 Theology in a Globalized World

TH 3302 Method for Biblical Theology

TH 3304 Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

TH 3305 Theology of Social Justice and Righteousness

TH 3306 Biblical Ethics

TH 3332 Introduction to Biblical Theology

TH 4401 Christian Anthropology and Hamartiology

TH 4402 The Church and Salvation

TH 4403 Philosophy and Theology

TH 4404 Theological Thought

TH 4405 Doing Theology in the Church

TH 4406 The Trinity and the Christian Life

TH 4407 Thinking Theologically About World Systems

TH 4409 God and Politics: Kingdom, Sovereignty, and Freedom

TH 4450 Analyzing and Engaging Worldviews

TH 4471 Topics in Systematic Theology: Theology and Hermeneutics