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Online Graduate Course Syllabi with Required Texts

Moody Bible Institute Online endeavors to maintain accurate and current syllabus information on this website. Each format type links to the current course syllabus. The syllabus contains all textbooks and materials required for each course. Syllabus and textbook information is kept as up-to-date and accurate as possible but may change without notice. Moody cannot be responsible for textbooks ordered more than 30 days prior to the start of a given session.

Purchase of electronic versions of textbooks is permitted, as long as the electronic edition is the same as the required print text. Please keep in mind that page numbers may differ between the print and electronic versions of a textbook.

Some titles may be available as eBooks through the Moody library website. Be sure to check there before making your purchases if you so desire.

Moody Bible Institute is fully accredited and all online Bible and Theology courses qualify for ACSI certification. View the Moody Bible Institute Online general course offerings list on the learning venue page for the anticipated schedule of classes.

Contact if you need to purchase books 30 days prior to the start of your course to confirm the accuracy of the textbooks listed on the syllabus.

Course Syllabus List


BE 5502 Communicating Scripture (3 credits)

BI 5500 Hermeneutics (3 credits)

BI 5532 New Testament History, Literature, and Theology (3 credits)

BI 5533 Old Testament History, Literature, and Theology (3 credits)

BI 6602 Daniel and Revelation (3 credits)

BI 6621 Studies in the Psalms and Wisdom Books (3 credits)

BI 6623 Studies in the Gospels and Acts (3 credits)

BI 6624 Studies in the Epistles (3 credits)

BI 6625 Studies in the Old Testament Books (3 credits)

BI 6630 Studies in the Pentateuch (3 credits)

BI 6631 Studies in the Prophets (3 credits)

BI 7705 New Testament Use of the Old Testament (3 credits)

BI 8100 Advanced Hermeneutics for Ministry (3 credits)

BP 6600 Preaching Narrative and Parabolic Literature (3 credits)

BP 6601 Preaching Poetic and Prophetic Literature (3 credits)

BP 6602 Advanced Homelitics (3 credits)

BP 6604 Preaching Old Testament Narrative (3 credits)

BP 7701 Contextualized Preaching (3 credits)

BP 7702 Theology and Preaching (3 credits)

BP 9000 The Rhetorical Drama of Preaching (3 credits)

BP 9100 Preaching Difficult Texts (3 credits)

BP 9200 Preaching in a Post-Christian World (3 credits)

BP 9300 Preaching, Mission, and the Global Church (3 credits)

BT 6603 Biblical Theology of the Old Testament (3 credits)

BT 6604 Biblical Theology of the New Testament (3 credits)


CL 5505 Cultivating Character and Trust as a Christian Leader (3 credits)

CL 6601 Principles of Management (3 credits)

CL 6602 Christian Life and Organizational Life (3 credits)

CL 7701 Building Teams that Transform and Achieve (3 credits)

CL 7702 Leading Teams within an Organizational Context (3 credits)

CL 7703 Creating a Leadership Development Plan (3 credits)

CUL 5501 Ministry Innovation (3 credits)

CUL 5502 Communication and Partner Development (3 credits)

CUL 6601 Ministry Entrepreneurship (3 credits)

CUL 6602 Global Mission and Culture (3 credits)

CUL 8200 Cultural Exegesis (3 credits)


DM 8800 Doctor of Ministry Orientation, Research and Writing, and Ministry Project Seminar (1 credit)

DM 9700 Project Proposal Development (2 credit)

FE 6671 MA Internship (3 credits)

FE-7772 MDiv Internship (3 credits)


GM 0000 Exit Interview (pass/fail, noncredit)

Students must complete an exit interview with their program head in their final semester. Students must receive a passing grade to meet graduation requirements.

GM 5500 Communication of Biblical Truth (3 credits)

GM 7701 Action Research (3 credits)


HT 5500 Church History (3 credits)


IS 5500 Cultural Exegesis (3 credits)

IS 5530 TESOL Instruction and Methodology I (3 credits)

IS 5531 TESOL Instruction and Methodology II (3 credits)

IS 5532 Instructed Second Language Acquisition (3 credits)

IS 5533 English Grammar, Syntax, and Morphology (3 credits)

IS 5534 English Phonetics, Phonology, and Pronunciation Syllabus (3 credits)

IS 5535 Teaching and Christian Faith (3 credits)

IS 5537 Teaching ESOL to Children (3 credits)

IS 6600 Apologetics and World Religions (3 credits)

IS 6611 Culture, Identity, and Trust (3 credits)

IS 6630 Moral and Spiritual Issues in TESOL (3 credits)

IS 6631 Literature in Language Teaching (TESOL) (3 credits)


MN 5500 Essentials for Excellence in Ministry Leadership (3 credits)

MN-6601 Power, Conflict, Resolution, and Transformational Leadership (3 credits)

MN 8400 Leaders and Global Ministry in the 21st Century (3 credits)


NT 5503 New Testament Greek I (3 credits)

NT 5504 New Testament Greek II (3 credits)

NT 6604 Exegesis in the Greek New Testament (3 credits)

NT 6652 Greek Syntax and Exegetical Method (3 credits)


OT 5503 Biblical Hebrew I (3 credits)

OT 5504 Biblical Hebrew II (3 credits)

OT 6603 Hebrew Syntax and Exegesis (3 credits)

OT 6604 Exegesis in the Hebrew Old Testament (3 credits)


PS 6601 Pastoral Procedures and Practices (3 credits)

PS 6602 Narrative Preaching (3 credits)

PS 6603 Pastoral Counseling (3 credits)

PS 6605 Teaching with Skill and Influence (3 credits)

PS 6607 Professional Ethics (3 credits)


SF-5508 Biblical Spiritual Formation (3 credits)

SF-6602 Spirituality and the Family (3 credits)

SF-6603 Spiritual Disciplines and Spiritual Warfare (3 credits)

SF 6605 Theology and Practice of Prayer (3 credits)

SF 8300 Spiritual Formation for Ministry (3 credits)

ST 5534 Systematic Christian Theology I (3 credits)

ST 5535 Systematic Christian Theology II (3 credits)

ST 7704 Interdisciplinary Theology Seminar (3 credits)


TH 6601 Church and Culture (3 credits)