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High Risk, Higher Reward

Moody alumni couple courageously shares the gospel in two of the world’s most closed countries

Anne was a 17-year-old missionary kid in the West African nation of Senegal when she sensed God directing her to take the gospel to North Africa, considered one of the most unreached regions in the world. That same year, William was attending a Bible school in New Zealand when a guest speaker challenged the teen to serve as a missionary in a country closed to Christianity. Knowing the risks involved in such potentially dangerous missions, William and Anne each took a step of faith and followed God’s lead to Moody Bible Institute . . .

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Taking Kids By the Hand

‘Be present’ — Sarah James discovers the key to urban ministry

In early 1999 a parent came into the sixth-grade classroom where Sarah James MA ’01 was in her first year of teaching. The mom was crying because her son was stealing cars. “I don’t know how to help him anymore,” she told Sarah.

Working in a public school in Indianapolis, Sarah wasn’t sure how to react. She knew the teenager needed Jesus, but she was limited in what she could say . . .

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Faith in Flight

From Spokane to the Congo, David and Ashley Petersen commit their lives to share the love of Christ through mission aviation

When David Petersen was eight years old, he wrote an essay about what he wanted to be when he grew up: a missionary pilot.

“I’ve wanted to be a pilot for as long as I can remember,” David says. “My own mother doesn’t even know why, but I wanted to do mission aviation since my first ability to write. My mother said the first little essay that I wrote was about wanting to do exactly this . . .”

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‘Our Heart Is to Bring Light and Hope’

After serving in Southeast Asia, Moody alumni couple follows God’s call to share Jesus with Muslims in North Africa

The unexpected end of William and Anne’s work as English teachers in Southeast Asia for leading students to Christ was devastating to the young couple. In many ways they felt their long-held dream of reaching the unreached had been shattered.

But the couple’s sudden departure from a nation they had grown to love hadn’t shaken their commitment to continue evangelizing the world’s least reached people groups . . .

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Family Matters

God changed the lives of two boys and Sarah James through an improbable relationship

“Everything happens for a reason,” says Keewaun Williams. The 28-year-old and his brother, Trayvon, are about to play basketball—a favorite pastime—with Ms. Sarah, their guardian since they were kids. “You know, everything that happens in our life, I believe it’s God. It’s God, just divine intervention—especially our story . . .”

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Proclaiming Christ in a Post-Christian Country

Moody-trained pastor grows home church amidst historic decline of Christianity in UK

When James Martin arrived in rural England in 2015 to pastor his home church, he had just graduated from Moody Bible Institute with no real-world pastoral experience. More significantly, he was about to begin his ministry in a country undergoing the worst crisis of faith in its history.

James says, “It’s like I was moving to an unreached nation . . ."

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