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Payment Plan

The Moody Payment Plan is an interest-free alternative to a lump sum payment of the student bill. It is administered by the Student Accounts Office in Moody Central. The plan is available to all students with the exception of international students (F-1 Visa holders) attending their first semester.

This plan allows the semester total to be split into monthly payments (see table below).

Enrollment and Activation

Students are eligible to enroll in the Moody Payment Plan each semester. Enrollment requires a down payment and a non-refundable $60 enrollment fee.

Fall 2021 Payment Plan is available June 3, 2021.

Last Day to
Enroll Online
Down Payment
Number of
Payment Dates
Payments on the 5th
June 24 10% 5 July 5th – Nov 5th
July 27 20% 4 Aug 5th – Nov 5th
Aug 26 25% 3 Sept 5th – Nov 5th
Sept 24 40% 2 Oct 5th & Nov 5th
Oct 27 60% 1 Nov 5th only
Payments on the 20th
June 10 10% 6 June 20th – Nov 20th
July 9 10% 5 July 20th – Nov 20th
Aug 11 20% 4 Aug 20th – Nov 20th
Sept 9 25% 3 Sep 20th – Nov 20th
Oct 8 40% 2 Oct 20th & Nov 20th
Nov 10 60% 1 Nov 20th only

NOTE: All down payments are processed immediately!


For additional information about the Moody Payment Plan, please log in to your Student Center and click on "Finances/Payment Plans/Refunds" or contact or (312) 329-4223.