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Your fast track to a great start at Moody

What is First Year Experience (FYE)?

Programs like FYE are found in colleges and universities nationwide and even around the world. The programs may differ from school to school, but they all are designed to help new students transition to higher education.

At Moody, the goal of FYE is to facilitate new-student thriving: socially, academically, and spiritually. We aim to provide incoming freshmen like you the support and resources you need to build strong relationships, achieve academic success, and grow spiritually during your first year at Moody.

How Does FYE Work?

We consider it a priority to help you get the best possible start to your time at Moody. To do this, we have created the FYE program to assist you in accomplishing three goals:

1. Strong Relationships


2. Academic Success


3. Spiritual Growth


We're Here to Help

Are you excited to begin your future at Moody? If you have any questions or need more information about First Year Experience, please contact us at