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The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment (CTLA)

The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment (CTLA) facilitates the integration of institutional research, planning, analysis, and systematic assessment and evaluation to inform evidenced-based decision-making and learning for academic programs, administration, and student services. Primary functions of CTLA include:

  • Assisting and coordinating the development of unit institutional effectiveness and assessment plans;
  • Providing data about the Institute and its students and personnel for external agencies, governing boards, program reviews, accreditation, the federal government, and internal constituencies;
  • Conducting analytical studies that provide information to support planning and decision-making;
  • Preparing reports on the effectiveness and improvement of educational programs and administrative/student support services;
  • Ensuring the Institute maintains compliance with all principles, requirements, standards, and policies of HLC, ABHE, ATS, ACSI, CACREP, and NASM;
  • Providing oversight and organization of HLC, ABHE, ATS, ACSI, CACREP, and NASM accreditation activities;
  • Providing guidance and assistance to academic programs in self-studies and accreditation program reviews; and
  • Providing leadership and support to the Institute's strategic planning process.

Reports and Data

Download reports and data regarding Moody's goals and learning outcomes. To find out more about what makes education at Moody distinct, visit our Educational Distinctives page.

MBI Program Assesment Plan

Student Learning Outcomes Achievement

IPEDs Data

To see more statistics and data related to enrollment and graduation visit our Enrollment and Graduation Statistics page.

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