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Ryan Cook

Professor of Bible
  • Email:
  • Department:
    Bible and Theology
  • Location:
  • School:
    Graduate/Seminary in Chicago
  • Position:
  • Start Date:
    September 2012
  • Personal Information:
    Pastor, Trinity Evangelical Free Church in Ludington Mich. (2004-2009); Bible Teacher, Northpointe Christian Schools, Grand Rapids, Mich. (2002-2004), Teaching Intern, Asbury Theological Seminary (2010-2012)
  • Educational Background:

    BA, Moody Bible Institute
    MA, Grand Rapids Theological Seminary
    PhD, Asbury Theological Seminary

  • Publications:

    Writer for Today in the Word.​

    The Rhetoric of Praise: Prayer and Persuasion in the Psalms.  GlossaHouse Disseration Series 6. GlossaHouse: Wilmore, KY, 2018.

    “Biblical Interpretation for Preaching” in Seminary on a Shelf. Edited by Michael Boyle, Laurie Norris et al. Chicago: Moody, (Forthcoming).

    “The Betrayal of the Messiah: Psalm 109” in the Moody Handbook of Messianic Prophecy. Edited by Michael Rydelnik and Edwin Blum. Chicago: Moody, 2019.

    “Pious Eli? The Characterization of Eli in 1 Samuel 3:18.” Horizons in Biblical Theology 40 (2018), 166-182.

    “‘They were Born There’: The Nations in Psalmic Rhetoric.” Horizons in Biblical Theology 39 (2017), 16-30.

    “Prayers that Form Us: Rhetoric and Psalms Interpretation.” Journal for the Study of the Old Testament 39 (2015), 451-467.

    “Jehoahaz, King of Judah” and “Amon, King of Judah.” Lexham Bible Dictionary. Bellingham, Wash.: Lexham, 2014.


    Review of 2 Samuel in the Reformed Expository Commentary Series by Richard Phillips in Journal for the Evangelical Theological Society 62 (2019), 376-378.

    Review of Sinai and the Saints: Reading Old Covenant Laws for the New Covenant Community by James Todd III in Journal for the Evangelical Theological Society 60 (2017), 609-611.

    Review of Money and Possessions by Walter Brueggemann in Journal for the Evangelical Theological Society (2017), 843-846.

    Review of Praying with Ancient Israel: Exploring the Theology of Prayer in the Old Testament edited by Phillip G. Camp and Tremper Longman III in The Stone-Campbell Journal 19 (2016), 277-278.

    Review of Interpreting the Prophetic Books: An Exegetical Handbook by Gary V. Smith in The Stone-Campbell Journal 18 (2015), 300-302.

    Review of Formation of the Bible: The Story of the Church’s Canon by Lee Martin McDonald in Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 56 (2013).

    Review of Old Testament Wisdom Literature: A Theological Introduction by Craig Bartholomew and Ryan O’Dowd in The Stone-Campbell Journal 15.1 (2012): 126-127.

    Review of Psalms as Torah: Reading Biblical Song Ethically by Gordon Wenham in Journal for the Evangelical Study of the Old Testament 1.1 (2012): 138-41.

    Review of Soundings in the Theology of the Psalms edited by Rolf Jacobson in Journal of the Evangelical Study of the Old Testament 1.2 (2012): 272-275.


    "The Book of Colossians," Today in the Word. Chicago: Moody, May 2019. 

    "The Psalms: Book 1," Today in the Word. Chicago: Moody, September 2019. 

    "From Generations to Generations: 1 & 2 Timothy," Today in the Word. Chicago: Moody, May 2020.

    "Longing for God: The Psalms, Book 2," Today in the Word. Chicago: Moody, October 2020.

    "Sorrow and Joy: The Psalms, Books 3 and 4," Today in the Word. Chicago: Moody, june 2021.

    "The Unexpected Gifts of Christmas," Today in the Word. Chicago: Moody, December 2021.

  • Professional / Personal Interests:

    My hobbies include, running, hiking, bicycling, camping, commuting, and reading books aloud to my kids.