Steven Sanchez

Title: Chair of Bible and Theology; Professor of Bible
Department: Bible
Location: Chicago
School/Area: Undergraduate
Position: Teaching
Start Date: July 2016

Educational Background:

BA, Columbia University in the City of New York, NY

Certificate of Continuing Education, Emmaus Bible College

ThM, PhD, Dallas Theological Seminary


  • “Obadiah.” The Moody Bible Commentary, ed. Michael Rydelnik, Michael Vanlaningham. Chicago: Moody Publishers, 2014.
  • Review of Severe Compassion, by Gregory D. Cook, Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society.
  • “The Siloam Inscription Confirms Hezekiah’s Defensive Maneuvers!” Journey Magazine, Spring 2013.
  • “The Tel Dan Inscription Supports the Historical David.” Journey Magazine, Fall 2012.
  • “Royal Limitation as the Distinctive of Israelite Monarchy”. PhD diss., Dallas Theological Seminary, 2010.
  • Review of 1 & 2 Kings, Holman Old Testament Commentary, by Gary Inrig. Emmaus Journal, Winter 2005.
  • Review of 1, 2 Kings, New American Commentary, by Paul R. House. Emmaus Journal, Winter 2005.
  • Review of Deuteronomy, by Doug McIntosh. Ashland Theological Seminary Journal, Fall 2004.
  • Review of Grammatical Concepts 101 for Biblical Hebrew, by Gary A. Long. Ashland Theological Seminary Journal, Fall 2004.
  • “The Holy Land from the Heavens,” in the NET Bible, First Edition. Dallas: Biblical Studies Press, 2005.
  • Review of Deuteronomy, by J. G. McConville. Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 46, June 2003.
  • “A Literary-Theological Analysis of Numbers 20:1–13.” MA thesis, Dallas Theological Seminary, 2000.
  • “Jesus’ Use of the Title “Son of Man in Matthew 26:64.” Emmaus Journal, Winter 2000.
  • Review of Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, by Donald S. Whitney. Emmaus Journal, Winter 1994.


  • “Misrepresenting God: Moses at Meribah (Numbers 20).” Paper presented the Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society, 2014.
  • “Saul of Benjamin and the Law of the King (Deut 17:14-20).” Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society, 2012.

Professional/Personal Interests:

The Israelite monarchy, Pentateuch studies (Deuteronomy), the Second Temple period, OT and NT Archaeology, Bible geography, and leadership


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Faculty Spotlight

Faculty Spotlight

Craig Hendrickson

Title: Assistant Professor of Pastoral Studies; Evangelism and Discipleship; Program Head

Department: Pastoral Studies

School / Area: Undergraduate

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