Andrew Schmutzer

Title: Professor of Bible
Department: Bible
Location: Chicago
School/Area: Undergraduate
Position: Teaching
Start Date: August 1998

Educational Background:

B.A., Moody Bible Institute
Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary
Ph.D., Trinity International University



  • “Psalm 91: Refuge, Protection and its Use in the New Testament,” in The Psalms: Language for All Seasons of the Soul (ed. Andrew J. Schmutzer and David M. Howard, Jr., Chicago: Moody, 2013). 
  • The Long Journey Home: Understanding and Ministering to the Sexually Abused (ed. Andrew Schmutzer; Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock, 2011).
  • "Numbers," in What the Old Testament Authors Really Cared About: A New Old Testament Thematic Survey (ed. Jason DeRoushe. Grand Rapids: Kregel, 2013).
  • Be Fruitful and Multiply: A Crux of Thematic Repetition in Genesis 1-11. (Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock, 2009).
  • Genesis: NLT Studies Series (with A.P. Ross and T. Longmann III) (Wheaton: Tyndale, 2009).

Chapters in Books

  • "Cosmic Anthem: The Startling Score of Psalm 148," in Interpreting the Psalms for Preaching and Teaching: Essays in Honor of John Davis (ed. H. Bateman III, B. Sandy. St. Louis: Chalice, 2010), 192-20.
  • "Preaching from the Poetic Books," in The Moody Handbook of Preaching (ed. John Koessler; Chicago: Moody, 2008), 157-78.
  • "Using Biblical Hebrew in Sermon Preparation," in The Moody Handbook of Preaching (ed. John Koessler; Chicago: Moody, 2008), 179-209.
  • "Proclaiming Jesus Through Pastoral Integrity: The Role of Old Testament Imagery in Jesus' Temptation," in Proclaiming Jesus: Essays on the Centrality of Christ in the Church in Honor of Joseph M. Stowell (ed. Thomas H. L. Cornman; Chicago: Moody, 2007), 197-224.



  • “Sexual Healing: How the Church Can Help Sexual Abuse Victims,” The Well Magazine (Spring, 2013).
  • “No Winners: Lessons from the Sandusky Abuse Case,” EFCA Today. The Magazine of the Evangelical Free Church of America (July 5, 2012).
  • “Sexual Abuse and the Distortion of Worship,” Edification, E-Newsletter (ed. Jason Kanz, Spring, 2012).
  • “Remembering and Protecting in Sexual Abuse—What’s Your Role.” Good Living Magazine, vol. 3 (Winter, 2012): 26–27.
  • “The Cycle of Trans-generational Sexual Abuse,” Edification, E-Newsletter (ed. Jason Kanz, Fall, 2012).
  • “A Theology of Sexuality and its Abuse: Creation, Evil, and the Relational Ecosystem,” in The Long Journey Home: Understanding and Ministering to the Sexually Abused (ed. Andrew J. Schmutzer; Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock, 2011), 105–135.
  • “Shepherding Survivors of Sexual Abuse: Weeding Out Some Myths,” EFCA Today. The Magazine of the Evangelical Free Church of America (Aug 3, 2011).
  • “Did the Gods Cause Abraham’s Wandering? An Examination of התעו אתי אלהים in Gen. 20.13,” JSOT 35 (2010): 149-166.
  •  "The Identity of ‘Horn’ in Ps. 148:14a: An Exegetical Investigation in the MT and LXX Versions,” (co-author, Randall X. Gauthier) BBR 19 (2009): 161-183. 
  • “Spiritual Formation and Sexual Abuse: Embodiment, Community, and Healing,” JSFSC 2 (2009): 67-86.  
  • "Jesus' Temptation: A Reflection on Matthew’s Use of OT Theology and Imagery,” ATJ 40 (2008): 15-42.
  • “A Theology of Sexual Abuse: A Reflection on Creation and Devastation,” JETS 51 (2008): 775-812.
  • "'All those going out of the gate of his city': Have the Translations Got It Yet?” BBR 17 (2007): 37-52.
  • "Making the Most of Temptation" "Digging Deeper," Moody Magazine. May/June (2002): 36-39.


  • Review of The Theology of the Book of Genesis. R.W.L. Moberly; B.A. Strawn and P.D. Miller (eds). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009. JETS 53 (2010): 634–636.
  • Review of The Way of the LORD: Essays in Old Testament Theology. Patrick D. Miller. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2007. BBR 19 (2009): 280-81.
  • Review of Psalms 1-42: A Commentary. Vol. 1. John Goldingay. Grand Rapids: Baker, 2006. JETS 50 (2008): 119-21.
  • Review of Exploring the Old Testament: A Guide to the Pentateuch. Vol. 1. Gordon J. Wenham. Grand Rapids: InterVarsity, 2003. JETS 48 (2005): 622-24.
  • Review of Beginning Biblical Hebrew. Mark D. Futato. Winona Lake: Eisenbrauns, 2003. JETS 47 (2004): 703-705. 
  • Review of Dictionary of the Old Testament: Pentateuch. D.T. Alexander, and D.W. Baker (eds). Downers Grove: InterVarsity, 2003. JETS 47 (2004): 140-42. 
  • Review of Basics of Biblical Hebrew Grammar. Gary D. Pratico and Miles V. VanPelt. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2001. JETS 46 (2003): 415-17.
  • Review of Introducing Biblical Hebrew. Allen P. Ross. Grand Rapids: Baker, 2001. JETS 46 (2003): 413-15.


  • Contributor to Baker Illustrated Dictionary of the Bible (ed. Tremper Longman III; Grand Rapids: Baker). Forthcoming.
  • "Genesis 1-11," in Theology of Work Project, Inc. (ed. William Messenger). 
  • "A Puritan Wedding Prayer," Poetic Voices of America (Sisterville, WV: Sparrowgrass Poetry Forum, 1997), 168.

Professional/Personal Interests:

  • Contributing Journal Editor: Edification (General Editor, Eric Johnson; the interdisciplinary journal of the Society for Christian Psychology; 2010–present)
  • Evangelical Theological Society, 2002-present
  • Society of Biblical Literature, 2002-present
  • Institute of Biblical Research, 2003-present
  • Society for Christian Psychology, 2010–present
  • Christian Counseling Professionals of Chicagoland, 2012–present
  • Glen Ellyn/Wheaton Chorale, 2000-2001
Professional Society Leadership:
  • Chairman:  Psalms and Hebrew Poetry Section, National ETS, 2008–2013
  • Steering Committee Member: Pentateuch Study Group, National ETS, 2010–present
  • Vice President, MidWest Region ETS, 2013
Outside Reader / Supervisor: 
  • 2nd Reader: Master’s OT Thesis: Deirdre Brouer, Voices of “Outrage” Against Rape: Textual Evidence and Case Studies in the Hebrew Bible (Denver Seminary; Denver, CO, 2011–2012)
  • Participant: Master’s Thesis: Deborah Gault, Sexual Abuse and Spiritual Formation (Biola University; CA, Spring, 2011)
  • Manuscript Reviewer: Essay for Richard E. Averbeck, “Having a Baby the New-Fashioned Way: Wisdom from the Old Testament,” in Why the Church Needs Bioethics: A Guide to Wise Engagement with Life’s Challenges (ed. John F. Kilner; Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2011): 25–42.
  • Supervisor: Doctor of Ministry: Christopher Yuan, A Model for Wholeness and Healing for the Sexually Broken Taken from Genesis 2 and 1 Corinthians 7 (Bethel Seminary; St. Paul, MN, 2011) 


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Faculty Spotlight

Faculty Spotlight

Andrew Schmutzer

Title: Professor of Bible

Department: Bible

School / Area: Undergraduate

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