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Pastoral Studies Emphasis

Pastoral Studies Emphasis

The Pastoral Studies Emphasis of the M.Div. degree prepares you for effective and exemplary Christian ministry in a variety of settings through biblical, theological, professional and spiritual life training. This program gives you deep biblical understanding and excellent preaching skills so that you can communicate the Scriptures with accuracy and relevance. Through in-depth biblical and practical preparation, you will be equipped to minister full-time in churches or parachurch organizations in the United States or abroad.

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Emphasis Distinctives

  • Prepare effectively through courses in Bible analysis, biblical and systematic theology, church history, ministry leadership, narrative preaching and biblical languages.
  • Apply biblical truths and ministry strategies to the practical problems faced in ministry around the world.
  • Incorporate biblical knowledge with preaching skills to communicate the Scriptures with accuracy and relevance.
  • Enhance your Bible study and understanding through user-friendly, computer-based analysis of the Hebrew and Greek biblical texts.
  • Grow in academically, professionally and relationally.
  • Develop professional skills and experience under guided supervision through an internship.
  • Articulate evangelical doctrinal beliefs with clarity.