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Student Handbook

Moody Bible Institute Online has produced a Student Handbook to address the specific needs of students. This handbook features a number of policies relating to general academic issues.

Please note that the policies detailed in the handbook for online students are often significantly different from policies offered through the traditional day school. Read it carefully and contact Moody Bible Institute Online at (800) 758-6352 with any questions.

Academic Catalog

A companion to the handbook is the academic catalog. The catalog presents the various types of curriculums and venues, as well as course descriptions for classes offered through Moody Bible Institute Online.

Credit and Drop Policy

You may drop a class at any time. To drop a class, go to > "Student Center" > "Enroll" and choose "drop" from the top tabs. 

The following chart lists the tuition credit you are given after dropping a class. If you drop your class and receive a credit, you can contact Student Accounts at to request a refund.

Amount of Credit to Student Account Independent Study (6-month) Course 16-Week Course 10-Week Course 8-Week Course
100% Day 1–7 Day 1–7 Day 1–5 Day 1–4
75% -- Day 8–14 Day 6–9 Day 5–7
50% Day 8–28* Day 15–21 Day 10–14 Day 8–11
0% Day 29+* Day 22+ Day 15+ Day 12+

* An additional credit of 50% will be added if Independent Study materials are returned in sellable condition.

Grades will be assigned based on the date the course is dropped according to the schedule below. Courses dropped after the half-way point of the class will be assigned a grade of Withdraw Fail (WF), which will negatively affect GPA.

Grade Given Independent Study (6-month) Course 16-Week Course 10-Week Course 8-Week Course
Drop—No Grade Day 1–12 Day 1–7 Day 1–5 Day 1–4
Withdraw ("W") Day 13–Day 91 Day 8–56 Day 6–35 Day 5–28
Drop with
Greater Penalty* (WF)
Day 92+* Day 57+* Day 36+* Day 29+*

* If a course must be dropped during the Greater Penalty period, you must e-mail to request a drop during this time. Students may follow the grade appeal process as outlined in the Student Handbook to request their grade to be changed to a Withdraw Passing (WP).