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My Yes Is on the Table

My Yes Is on the Table

Moody Publishers author describes harrowing but ultimately fruitful mission trip inside war-torn Ukraine
  • October 5, 2022

by Jeff Smith

Jennifer Hand

My Yes Is on the Table uses the story of the Israelites’ journey out of the wilderness and into the promised land to challenge readers to take a step of faith and put their "yes" on the table. Like the message of her new Moody Publishers book, author Jennifer Hand bravely said yes to God’s call to serve in trauma care on a short-term mission trip to Ukraine in the middle of its war with Russia.

Emailing Moody Publishers from the heart of Ukraine, Jennifer wrote, “This has been the most stretching and heartbreaking ‘yes’ I have ever said yet. I have seen God in ways that I cannot even find words for.”

Jennifer learned quickly how to apply her master’s-degree training in trauma counseling and her vibrant faith in Christ in a war-torn nation. Shortly after her missions group arrived in Ukraine, the Russian military attacked their host city with missiles. Jennifer and her team escaped unharmed despite driving for several hours in a war zone, accidentally breaching a military roadblock, and even being stuck in a broken elevator on the 16th floor of an apartment complex bombed days earlier.

“Later I made it back to base after getting to give away 30 bags of supplies and food,” Jennifer recalled. “I got to hold lots of people while they sobbed and told me horrific stories about the war. I prayed with them and led two people to Christ. It was an unforgettable day.”

Besides being an author, Jennifer Hand is executive director of Come Alive Ministries. She speaks internationally inviting people to come alive in Christ through conferences, retreats, written resources, and counseling.

To learn more about My Yes Is on the Table or to purchase the book, visit the Moody Publishers website.