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Medical Insurance

All full-time status residential students (students living in Moody-owned housing) on the Chicago campus, international students on all campuses (living on-campus and off-campus), and all BSMAT students attending on-campus courses are required to be covered by a comprehensive health insurance plan.

All required students will be automatically enrolled in Moody Student Insurance and charged the individual plan premium. All international students with F-1 status, their spouses, and dependent children are required to carry health insurance when those dependents are living with the student and may not waive Moody’s health insurance plan.

Eligible students may waive the Moody Student Insurance policy if they have an approved alternate plan for the entire time that they are enrolled as a student, including breaks between semesters. Students are responsible for full compliance with all terms and conditions of their insurance policy, for following the payment policy of the health care provider, office, clinic, or hospital from which they receive services, and any expenses not covered by their insurance (deductibles, copayments, excluded items and services, etc.). This may mean that payment is required at the time of service. Students may not waive mid semester and must wait until the next open-enrollment period.

Commuter students are eligible to participate in Moody’s health insurance plan provided that one or more of the following conditions apply: Full-time status; students completing their student teaching requirements; or graduating seniors in their final semester. Dependent coverage is only available for international students.

Listed below are the prices for Moody’s student health insurance plan for the 2024–2025 academic year. A separate $22 insurance handling fee is assessed to each student, per semester, whether Moody insurance is taken or waived.


Insurance Premium
Policy Fall 2024 Spring and Summer 2025
Student $906 $1,412
Additional family member
(international only)
$906 each $1,412 each

Moody Aviation Extended Coverage

Spokane I (July Extension) $260

Transfer students entering program in the fall, or returning students who did not have

Moody insurance in the spring whose coursework starts early July


Spokane II (July 31 Extension) $107

Incoming Freshmen, transfer or returning students who did not have Moody insurance

in the spring whose coursework starts early August

Note: Insurance waivers for students with July extension will be due by July 31

Please note the following:

  • Note: If both husband and wife are students, they may each enroll under the individual plan
  • Waivers submitted after August 1 (fall) and January 1 (spring) will be subject to a $10 late form fee. Please note that waivers submitted after this date may not be accepted and/or be able to be processed.
  • The alternate insurance must cover the student in the location of their designated campus and be effective for the entire academic year, including breaks. The waiver form must be submitted every year in which the student is enrolled with a copy of both sides of their current insurance though their student portal.
  • Students who withdraw from Moody Bible Institute after September 11, 2024 (Fall) or February 3, 2025 (Spring) will not be refunded for the insurance premium.