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Counseling Services

The college years are filled with challenges, opportunities, and hope about the future. At the same time, it is not unusual for students to encounter setbacks while embarking on this rewarding journey. Mood fluctuations, stressful life events, anxiety or loss of a loved one can interrupt the flow of an otherwise "normal" semester and send it downhill very quickly. Therefore, Counseling Services exists to provide Christ-centered professional counseling, consultation and education promoting healing, wholeness, relational health and spiritual maturity in the Moody community.

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The counseling staff includes three full-time and two part-time counselors who are supervised by the Associate Dean of Counseling Services. All staff members are licensed professionals who adhere to the legal standards of the state of Illinois. 

All sessions are confidential, which means that what is said within the context of the therapeutic relationship stays between the student and his/her counselor. Limitations to this confidentiality exist where counselors have a legal or ethical duty to report.

The MTS Counseling Center



InterSessions is a psychological services clinic on the MTS—Michigan campus that provides a quality, affordable service to the community and practium experience for our alumni and students enrolled in our Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology (M.A.C.P.) program.    

The clinic staff, under the direction of Dr. John Restum, is providing a wide array of psychological services at affordable rates. Beyond integrative and professional psychotherapy services, InterSessions also offers psychological testing and therapy-based support groups to its clients.

Qualified clients, including individuals, children, couples and families, can be seen for as low as $30 per session at our private-pay facility.

Appointment Hours

10 a.m.–8 p.m.
10 a.m.–5 p.m.