The Bachelor of Science in Ministry Leadership provides you with a biblical and practical foundation for ministry through courses in ministry leadership, congregational dynamics, and ministry practice. This degree program is ideal for you if you are actively involved in the local church, parachurch, or other Christian organizations.

Professional Internship

Apply your classroom work in ministry settings under the supervision of a Moody faculty member and a qualified professional Christian mentor.


You can choose from three concentrations to develop skills in your common area of interest:

In the leadership concentration, you will acquire biblically informed skills for leadership in the local church and parachurch organizations. You will learn to develop organizational structures and become familiar with biblical principles and practices essential to effective ministry leadership.

In the preaching concentration, you will be equipped to compose and deliver biblically based sermons. You will learn to formulate relevant expository messages from multiple genres of biblical leadership.

In the ministry to women concentration, you will learn to organize and lead church and parachurch programs that disciple, counsel, and teach women. You will also develop an understanding of a biblical theology of women in ministry, as well as studying effective organizational structures for ministries serving women in various life stages.

Purpose and Outcomes

Program Purpose

The BSML is designed to provide a theological and practical foundation for ministry through courses in ministry leadership, congregational dynamics, leadership development, and ministry practice.  

The BSML is created for students who: 

  • want to pursue academic goals and keep commitments to family, work and church
  • are actively involved in the local church, parachruch and other Christian organizations

Student Learning Outcomes

 At the completion of the BSML you will be able to: 

  • integrate biblical interpretation into the practice of ministry and everyday life
  • create a philosophy of ministry leadership
  • implement plans to foster ongoing character and leadership development
  • analyze situations in ministry from multiple vantage points


Degree Requirements

Click here for the BSML Program Plan

Program Core

BI 1103 Reading the Old Testament 4
BI 1104 Reading the New Testament 4
BI 2201 Interpreting Scripture 3
BI 4406 Interpreting Romans for Teaching 3
ED 3340 Marriage and Family Systems 3
GSU 1107 Foundations of Learning 3
GSU 1115 The Story and Structure of the Bible 3
GSU 2203 Self and Social Identity in Christianity 4
PS 3310 The Church and Its Ministries 3
PS 3330 Communication of Biblical Truth 3
PS 3342 Ministry Leadership and Staff Relationships 3
PS 3382 The Care of the Ministry Leader's Soul 3
PS 4410 The Church and the Community 3
PS 4463 Cultural Dynamics of Congregational Ministry 3
TH 1105 The Old Testament and Theology 3
TH 1106 The New Testament and Theology 3
ED or PS Concentration courses 12



Leadership Concentration  
ED 3309 Principles of Leadership 3
ED 3314 Principles of Administration 3
ED 3366 People Helping Skills 3
ED 4424 Practices of Leadership 3


Preaching Concentration  
PS 3340 Theological Exposition 3
PS 4430 Development and Delivery of Narrative Messages 3
PS 4433 Evangelistic Messages 3
PS 4440 Structure and Style in Biblical Exposition 3


Ministry to Women Concentration  
PS 2253 Theology and Philosophy of Ministry to Women 3
PS 2264 Contemporary Strategies of Ministry to Women 3
PS 3321 Mentoring and Discipling Women 3
PS 3322 Ministry to Women in Pain 3


General Studies Requirements

General Studies Core    
GSU 1110 College Writing 3
GSU 1112 Research Writing 3
GSU 2202 Introduction to Critical Thinking 3
Academic Disciplines    
Critical Thinking and Math   3
Oral and Written Communication   3
Social and Behavioral Sciences   9
Humanities   6
Open Electives   27





Total Credits





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