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Request a Concert

To request a concert by one of Moody’s Music Department ensembles, please complete the form below. We will contact you if we are looking to schedule a concert at your venue.

Request a Concert

Church/school/organization address:

If you can consider a range of dates, please indicate all dates that work for you: :

If you are able to assist in defraying the cost of our ensembles doing a concert, we request $500 per event and group for the Chorale, Gospel Choir, and/or Orchestra, and $200 for either of the Worship Collectives. These funds are used cover the cost of transportation for our group ensembles. We are, and will remain, a non-profit school, so any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Not sure which ensemble is right for your event? Contact Allison Keeport at 312-329-4094 with any questions!