Moody Health Service exists to enhance the educational process by removing health related learning barriers. We achieve this by serving as a resource for prevention, treatment and education in the Moody community. The intention of Health Service is to promote optimal wellness and enable each patient to make informed decisions about health related concerns.

Chicago Campus

Health Service offers a variety of services including vaccines, general medicine, disease management, health education and laboratory testing and also assists students in finding health care services throughout the city based on their individual needs. We also maintain required student health records for students taking 6 or more credits toward a degree.


Health Service is staffed by and administrator, RNs, clerical staff and a campus physician. Staff nurses are available Monday–Friday, 9:30 a.m.–noon and 1–4 p.m

This service is free of charge and by appointment only. Our doctor is a certified physician in family practice and is available to see patients two half-days a week at Health Service by appointment (call or e-mail


Moody Health Service supports our patients' right that their medical records and other information about their care will be kept confidential. The HIPAA privacy regulations give patients the opportunity to set boundaries on the use and release of patient information, and establish appropriate safeguards that health care providers must follow to protect the privacy of health information. All patients are required to sign the confidentiality agreement addressed in the Moody Notice of Privacy practices (see above).

Student Insurance

Visits to Health Services requires no co-pay if a student is covered by the Moody Student Health Insurance Plan. We are considered "out of network" by most insurance companies but can send a claim form upon treatment.


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